Some recent Junction Triangle news

Here are a few links to local news items that appeared online in the last few weeks:


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Sham Shawarma closed

Unfortunately, it looks like Sham Shawarma is closed and the space is for rent.

Photo by Carlos from Cafe Con Leche, today:


I've been going to this place an awful lot lately considering its in walking distance of my home and work place.
the environment is really creative and unique, especially for a shawarma place. ive been to ali babas and other shawarma kings but none compare. its a very clean place and im glad people are reporting on them. i always order the falafels, and unlike other places , they do it fresh infront of your eyes. besides that its nice to have a couple flat screens to watch while chowing down. highly recommend this place. 5 thumbs up!

Check 'em out on YouTube!

Check 'em out on YouTube! (Sham Shawarma)

Sham Shawarma

They have wonderful tables! The food was very good. I went on my own, but was lucky enough to bump into some great company too.

New Thai Place

Just noticed that there is a new Thai restaurant opening up soon next to Sham. Interesting to see how this goes.

Sham Shwarma - Yum!

Yes, this is great addition to the neighborhood. Quality food fairly priced.

New Opening in Our 'Hood

I wanted to let you all know of a new restaurant that has just opened about 3 weeks ago on Dupont. It is located in the strip mall and is called Sham Shawarma. They sell sharwarma, falafel and the like. Just tried it yesterday and it was great!! Anne at the library recommends it too. Clean environment and a seating area. They have deals on right now for March and April. It is so good to have a decent business in this area to bring in more foot traffic.

Mmm. Shawarma.

A few people have mentioned to me that this place is really good. I definitely want to check it out sometime soon.

Living in Ottawa, shawarma was always within sight, so I'm happy to have more options close to home again. :)