Zoning Study for Lands Abutting the Rail Corridor passed

Motion passed today with amendment at TO/EY community council.
Could be significant as it affects future zoning in Junction Triangle & more.

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Contents of Bailao's Motion on Employment Lands

Posting in addition to Rogers post above. There are two links at the bottom.

(March 3, 2011) Letter from Councillor Ana Bailão, Ward 18, Davenport

1. That the Chief Planner in consultation with other Divisions as required be requested to carry out an area study for the lands abutting the CN railway that forms the western boundary of Ward 18 (generally defined in the attached map). The study will:

- Review the transportation network, including the potential for reconfiguration and expansion of the public road network.

- Review potential improvements to the pedestrian and bicycle network, including the expansion of, and connections to, the West Toronto Rail Path.

- Identify potential locations for new parks and open spaces and/or the expansion of existing parks and open spaces.

- Identify deficiencies in community services in the area.

- Identify incentives to encourage employment uses in the areas identified as Employment Areas within the study area.
- Be complementary to the Municipal Comprehensive Review now underway as part of the 5-year Official Plan review.

2. That City Planning, together with the Councillor's office, consult with the community, including landowners and other stakeholder groups as part of this study.

City Planning staff have started the 5-year review of the Official Plan including a Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) of all Employment Lands. A number of these Employment Lands are adjacent to the rail corridor that forms the western boundary of Ward 18. These lands continue to support employment, including the Nestlé plant with over 475 employees. To complement the MCR, it is important that the City consider the physical and community infrastructure of the area along with the potential to better connect these lands to the surrounding area.

This will allow City staff to respond proactively to any proposals in the area and plan for long term investment in, and revitalization of, these lands. I am therefore requesting that the Chief Planner initiate an area study that addresses these objectives.
Background Information
(March 3, 2011) Letter from Councillor Ana Bailao - Local Area Study for Lands Abutting the Rail Corridor in Ward 18
(March 21, 2011) Drawing - Local Area Study for Lands Abutting the Rail Corridor in Ward 18
(March 22, 2011) E-mail from Pino Di Mascio, Urban Strategies Inc. (TE.New.TE5.53.1)
(March 22, 2011) E-mail from Bishop Ludlow Miller, Pastor, Church of the First Born (TE.New.TE5.53.2)

Source: Toronto City Clerk at www.toronto.ca/council