243 Perth Ave church/ loft project

Maybe some of you have seen this, but I found these conceptual drawings on the 243 Perth church --> loft project: http://golbourad.com/work.pdf They call the project "Sanctuary Lofts" while @Urbanation refers to the project as "Cornerstone Lofts."

Personally, I don't think much of the proposed addition... Looks a little like a bad-guy's-lair-in-a-sci-fi-flick; doesn't do much for the existing building either.

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I'm confused....is symmetry involved or not?



Correct. The Teeple designed

Correct. The Teeple designed plans, would have been groundbeaking in terms of church loft conversions, but sadly is not to be. That developer, Symmetry Developments, is not involved in the current plan.The current plan will be called Cornerstone and it too will feature a 4 story addition in the parking lot. From what I have heard this design will be a lot blander and more cookie cutter than the Teeple design. Why cant JT have some good design? The existing parking lot will disappear which I personally like.

The "sold" real estate signs have been taken down at the church and the deal finally closed last week.

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Another update to this post

Symmetry Developments saw the Twitter posts and they tell me that no plans for 243 Perth are available online yet because they're "still tweaking" the plans. Stay tuned...

Update to this post

Scott informs me that he believes these drawings are from a previously-interested developer - so, alas, the Teeple drawings probably don't represent the current plans. I went looking for this because of interest after I saw a tweet from @Urbanation calling the project "Cornerstone Lofts." Oh, well...