Federal Election 2011: Davenport results

The 2011 Canadian Federal Election was definitely the most interesting one to watch, and participate in, in recent memory. Here in Davenport we had a tight race between Liberal incumbent Mario Silva and first-time NDP challenger Andrew Cash, where Cash kept creeping up in the polls right until the dead heat around election day. Andrew Cash has exceeded most peoples' expectations by winning with 54% of the vote.

Here are the results taken directly from the Elections Canada website:

Member of parliament for Davenport
Party Candidate Total votes % of total votes
NDP-New Democratic Party Andrew Cash 21,086 53.6%
Liberal Mario Silva 10,947 27.8%
Conservative Theresa Rodrigues 5,674 14.4%
Green Party Wayne Scott 1,344 3.4%
Communist Miguel Figueroa 167 0.4%
Animal Alliance/Environment Voters Simon Luisi 128 0.3%

Voter turnout: 39,346 of 63,773 registered electors (61.7%)


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Choosing Harper will destroy Canada

If you haven't heard it, your choice of choosing Harper, essentially a traitor if what I hear is true, will destroy what you now know as Canada. Canada is in fact already part of the USA, they own us. Harper has already signed agreements to form the North American Union. That means in a short time we will lose control of our boundaries, our resources, our very identity. You didn't know about it because the media is controlled, you have to dig to hear the true agenda from the New World Order. We have lost. Thank you PC, Progressively stupid voters.

I can assure you Ian "The Sky will not fall"

I couldn't help but to respond to Ian. Plus it's been a while since I posted.

Boy were's my manners- congrats to the NDP. Wasn't my first choice. However the people spoke and that's what counts, but willing to work with with Andrew to make my community a better place to live, work and play.

Anyhow to get back to Ian, I can assure you that the, Sky will not fall because Haper has a majority. When I read your posting it reminded me about the Bulrovian fairy tale. When Chicken Little was scared that the sky would fall. But then again I can understand your concern about Hapers we felt the same way about if Layton would become the PM.

Lastly I feel the Conservatives did well in this riding, best numbers we had in a long time. Last time we had a Conservative MP in Daveport was 1958-1962 and prior to that 1935,1940 and 1945. Since the riding of Davenport was estabished 1933 held by the first MP a Conservative.

Welcome back

Welcome back, Jack. We missed you while you were gone. The "anonymous" Conservative posts were kind of dull. Hope you can set them straight again. :)

I wouldn't say that 14% of the vote is "doing well", though I must admit that's actually higher than I expected our Conservative candidate to get. I'm just surprised that people voted for someone who doesn't live here (she lives in Oakville), didn't reply to emails, had a wrong phone number listed on her very minimal website, didn't attend all-candidates' meetings, etc...etc... For what it's worth, it seemed like she didn't even exist. 14% is damn good for someone who doesn't even show up, but pretty bad overall.

The NDP finally learned that they should run an actual local candidate in Davenport, rather than some guy who doesn't even live in Toronto, and it seemed to pay off for them.

Even the Conservatives learned this lesson in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, where local Con candidate Bernard Trottier gave Iggy (the parachute candidate from Yorkville) the boot. Apparently this was even a key part of their victory (Toronto Sun story):

Ignatieff, who lives in trendy Yorkville, is “just visiting” the area as he tries to fulfill his ambition to become prime minister, according to Conservative and NDP candidates fighting for the riding.
Conservative Bernard Trottier said the first thing voters want to know is whether he lives in the riding.
“That is the main question because of Ignatieff,” Trottier said on Wednesday. “Nobody here has seen Ignatieff around and voters take that very seriously.”
He said Ignatieff can’t properly serve area residents because he lives downtown.

It's not likely that I'd vote Conservative any time soon, but I hope that their party starts to pay more attention to Davenport. Bring in some better candidates. Show up to meetings. Communicate. Show that they actually exist. BE LOCAL. Stronger competition from all parties will help bring out the better candidates, and better representation. Residents of Davenport seem to be paying pretty close attention these days..

Side note: I feel that ALL parties, not just the cons and libs, are guilty of "parachuting" their candidates in as convenient. I already gave Con/Lib/NDP examples above, but the Greens do it all the time too, most notably bouncing Elizabeth May all over the country (though it finally paid off for them!). But I wish they'd all knock it off.

I learned a lot the last couple of elections

I had this same Conversation with Wayne (green party) about Candidates attending or not attending debates. I replied by saying. My opinion is this, I have organized about 6 to 8 debates in my life time, maybe even more and I notice and this is my opinion like I said, not in anyway a scientific one. I don't feel it really helps the candidate to get more votes or not, specially in Davenport were debates are done in one language and you are only reaching out to a small percentage of residence. The the other thing is the majority of those in attendance are NDP supporters, this is what I observed

For example; If I look at the Green Party's results for this election, they have done worse then the last federal election and Wayne attended each debate. Same with Mario it didn't really help them any. I think Theresa deciding to door knock and work on her campaign was a good choice and the results was in the pudding, hard work pays off. Unfortunate I wasn't much help to her like I wanted to be and didn't know much about her daily routine.

Now the issue of Candidates living in the same riding or not. If you would of asked me a year ago I would of said yes of course this is important, very important to live here. But today I would say no, to me it don't matter if the candidate lives here or not.. I see our past elected officials who has lived in the hood and were absent (Mario, Tony R) and Theresa has nothing to do with this. I feel as long as a candidate represents his or her riding the best as they can and does his or her job well, who are rewarded very well$$ for been a MP or MPP, then that is what is important.

Lastly you are right about elected officials paying attention to Davenport, not just Conservative but all elected officials. We will have to wait to see how Cash does. Ask me in a yr or two. I feel their is a curse in Davenport that needs to be broken. History has shown that our elected official change after a few years, will have to wait and see. JF

Dalton Hears A Who?

Sitting MP's along the rail corridor went down to defeat and Clean Trains and better transit played a part. Bet your bottom dollar that Dalton McGuinty is taking a second look at electrification of the Georgetown corridor today. Dont let up on the pressure folks it is finally paying some dividends.

Waking From Coma

Andrew Cash's numbers are pretty staggering. I thought that he would win from day one as to me Silva had lost interest and seemed bored with us at meetings. Midway I realized that all I heard was people talking about being excited about Andrew and nothing but disdain (some of it unfounded) about Mario. Andrew is a passionate and hard working guy so hopefully there will be more engagement and a fresher take. Finally this riding has come out of its autopilot Liberal coma.

This may be a good thing for the Liberals as something dramatic has to happen or they will be toast. Badboy Liberal wonk Warren Kinsella has been writing for some time that the Liberal party has been coasting for the last 10 years, being defined by others and confusing strategic voting with actual enthusiasm for their ideas. In a way they can clear house; remember that the popular Mulroney was run out of town leaving Campbell to win a mere 2 seats and they came back (although not at PC's).Most analysts think that the Conservatives gain votes from right leaning Liberals (there is such a thing) who did not want an NDP government and switched when they realized that the Liberals were in trouble.Those people may come back.

I am not a fan of the Green "party" but I do salute Wayne Scott who too brought energy and ideas to the debate that at least made people think.

The BONEHEAD award though has to go to poor Gerard Kennedy in the riding next door who seems to lost his mojo and moved from wonder boy to polarizing figure. When he started attacking the Clean Train Coalition you had to wonder how he thought attacking a group that was fighting for clean air and better transit was a good idea. The next day "electric trains now" signs started popping up on Nash's signs and his goose was cooked. When you consider that Mike Sullivan, the head of the Clean Train Coalition won for the NDP in the riding north where Kennedy actually lives you realize how out of touch Kennedy was. Kennedy had a chance to seize the issue and run with it looking like his own man but instead he let opportunity slip away. I know Gerard and like him but I think it is time for him to move on, he has lost the passion too.

% of the PC in Davenport

Congrads to Mr Cash,

Like others I hope he and the NDP will do better for Davenport!
I hope that all take note of the % the PC got in Davenport.No small numbers.
To new times in Davenport.

Amazing Results

I thought it'd be a much closer race. Andrew Cash did spectacularly. I wonder if they had a sense of how well they were going to perform. I feel like the Liberals have been coasting in this riding. Hopefully the NDP do more for the riding (and Toronto).