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Davenport is locked down for NDP Candidate

Toronto Star Article from April 30th says, "The party now believes Davenport is locked down for NDP candidate Andrew Cash, who is ready to take the seat from Liberal Mario Silva, and while NDP Peggy Nash still faces a tough fight against Liberal incumbent Gerard Kennedy in Parkdale—High Park, campaign officials are starting to dream about some other seats they never expected."


Silva and Cash, down to the wire

Interesting to watch the daily polls get posted on http://www.projectdemocracy.ca/davenport

Cash has been creeping up on Silva, and a couple of recent polls put Cash slightly ahead. Looks like it will be a close finish.

Tories poised to win election, despite NDP surge

Tories poised to win election, despite NDP surge


Good luck

Harper will be lucky if he gets another minority. A majority is not even a hope. Once the election is over and he continues to be the minority man the knives will be out for him in his own party. I predict he'll be gone by the end of the year.

A reminder what Harper gov't has accomplished

A reminder what Harper gov’t has accomplished

Given all the federal election speculation at the moment now is obviously the time to remind all Canadians, regardless of their political affiliation, some of what the Harper government has accomplished over the last five years. To do that, I would refer visitors to the list of Harper government accomplishments below or here. There is also speculation, given the negative behaviour of Liberal/NDP and Bloc coalition MPs in the Standing Committee on Procedures and House Affairs Committee this past week, that the expected federal election campaign is going to be very nasty.

The Harper Gov’t Record:

(1) African Development Fund Replenished – Instituted in 1972, the Conservative government replenished the fund as promised at the G20 conference in Toronto in 2010 (Link)

(2) Age of Consent Legislation — Raised from 14 to 16 effective May 1, 2008 (Link)

(3) Agent Orange Compensation Package of $96 Million –$20,000 to all veterans and civilians who lived within 5 kilometers of CFB Gagetown in N.B.when Agent Orange was sprayed over a seven day period in 1966 and 1967 (Link)

(4) Air India Final Report of the Commission of Inquiry — PM Harper apologies to the friends and relatives of all those who died in that disaster (Link)

(5) Apology to Native People — By the Government of Canada on June 11, 2008 for residential school abuses (Link)

(6) Arctic Research Station Announced – The feasibility study started in 2007 was completed in August 2010 with the announcement that it will be built over the next five years in Cambridge Bay, Nanavut (Link)

(7) Auto Theft and Property Crime Bill — Legislation passed that would crack down on auto theft and trafficking in property that is obtained by crime (Link)

(8) Canada Employment Credit — Of $1000.00 (Link)

(9) Child Tax Credit — $2000 for every child under eighteen (Link to all the family tax credits)

(10) China Signs New Initiatives– PM Harper and President Hu Jintao signed a new initiative that built on December 09 Joint Statement — such as re-opening the Chinese market to Canadian beef products (Link)

(11) Chinese Head Tax Apology– By the government on June 22, 2006 (Link) (Link)

(12) Chinese Immigrant Provision – Of $20,000 to every individual and/or surviving spouses who paid the head tax plus $24 million towards an “historical recognition program”(Link)

(13) Columbia Free Trade Agreement — Signed at the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation meeting in Lima, November 21, 2008 (Link)

(14) Consumer Product Safety Legislation — To strengthen Canada’s product safety laws and better protect Canadian consumers and their families. (Link)

(15) Criminal Code Amended (Bill C-14 ) — Measures against organized crime, with 25 years for murder without eligibility for parole — passed on June 23rd, 2009, coming into effect October 2, 2009 (Link)

(16) Disability Savings Plan — Part of the 2007 budget, it was fully implemented in December, 2008 (Link)

(17) Doer, Gary, former NDP Manitoba Premier, appointed — The Ambassador to the United States on August 28, 2009 (Link) — an accomplishment because it is a concrete example how the Conservative government can be bi-partisan

(18) Economic Action Plan, Phase One — First phase of the 12,000 “stimulus” projects approved across the country, with 8,000 already started (Link)

(19) Economic Action Plan, Phase Two — Second phase based on measures outlined in the 2010 federal budget. (Link)

(20) Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario – Officially launched on August 13th, 2009 in Kitchener- Waterloo, Canada’s fifth such regional organization (Link)

(21) European Free Trade Association – Canada Agreement — Signed on July 2, 2009 — between Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland (Link)

(22) Food Labelling Initiative — to clarify and modernize labelling on food products, including “Product of Canada” and “Made in Canada” claims (Link) (Link)

(23) Gender Equity in Indian Registration — Legislation that addresses a court ruling on gender discrimination in the Indian Act (Link)

(24) GIS — Guaranteed Income Supplement Improvements — For seniors, changed to allow for higher earned income – (Link) (Link)

(25) Governor General– David Johnson was just named as the next GG. He is a lawyer and academic and was chosen following a length and by-partisan advisory process, thus making it a gov’t accomplishment (Link)

(26) GST — Goods & Services Tax Cut — From 7% to 6% and then to 5% (Link)

(27) Haitian Earthquake Response — (Link)

(28) Haiti’s Debt to Canada Cancelled — On June 25, 2010, at the G8 meeting in Huntsville, PM Harper announced that Haiti’s debt to Canada was eliminated (Link)

(29) Harper Government the longest serving minority — since Lester Pearson (Link)

(30) Hep C compensation Redressed – For latest court rulings that clear the way for national $1 billion package (Link), as well as how to apply for compensation (Link)

(31) Identity Theft Legislation– (Bill S-4) — Received Royal Assent on October 27, 2009 — for obtaining and possessing identity information, trafficking in that information or unlawfully possessing or trafficking in gov’t documents (Link)

(32) Income Splitting for Canadian Seniors — A change to the Income Tax Act for pensioners (Link)

(33) India-Canada Nuclear Co-Operation Agreement– PM Harper and Indian PM Manmohan Singh sign a memoranda of understanding that lays foundation for future bilateral trade negotiations (Link)

(34) Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement — Signed (Link)

(35) Internet Spam Protection — Signed December 15, 2010 to protect consumers and business from the most harmful and misleading forms of online threats (Link)

(36) Jordan Free Trade Agreement — Signed by Canadian and Jordanian government officials and reported on June 28, 2009 (Link)

(37) Kid’s sport tax credit — up to $500 per child (Link)

(38) Kuwait Foreign Investment Promotion & Protection Agreement (FIPA) — Completed in April 2009 (Link)

(39) Land Claim Agreements — Five-point plan for Aboriginal Canadians (Link) — to compare the years the Conservatives have been in power to previous years (Link) — 256 claims since the gov’t came into power, with 623 remaining (Link)

(40) Lobbying Act — Passed July 2, 2008 (Link)

(41) Manley Report — Approved (Report) (Link)

(42) Marquee Tourism Events Program — Part of the 2009 Harper government budget, it is intended to provide timely economic stimulus now and in the next 24 months. (Link) (See also the example of the Shaw Festival Theatre in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, which received $2.1 million dollars)

(43) Mental Health Commission of Canada — Established and incorporated as a non-profit corporation in March of 2007 (Link)

(44) Military Equipment Purchases – As we discovered at the time of the Haiti earthquake, the Conservative government has purchased four C-17 Globemaster Heavy Lifting Aircraft, 17 C-130 Hercules, new battle tanks and German patrol cars, as well as several thousand trucks (Link)

(45) Northern Regional Development Economic Agency — Announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 in Iqaluit, Nunavut (Link)

(46) Nunavik Inuit Land Claims — Agreement (Link)

(47) Old Age Security legislation — To eliminate the payment of Old Age Security benefits from prisoners. (Link)

(48) Ombudsman for Victims of Crime — Established (Link)

(49) Open Access to Gov’t – the expansion of an initiative to provide all Canadians with more data, information and opportunities to dialogue (Link to March 18, 2011 Media Release)

(50) Panama-Canada Free Trade Agreement — Signed in Panama on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 (but still to be ratified by Parliament) (Link) Ratified on May 15, 2010 (Link)

(51) Peru – Canada Free Trade Agreement — Adopted by Parliament June 18, 2009 (Link)

(52) Poland — Youth Mobility Agreement — Signed on July 14, 2008 that allows youth from either country to work and travel for up to one year (Link)

(53) Protecting Victims from Sexual Offenders – Signed on December 15, 2010 to protect children against sexual predators (Link)

(54) Public transit tax credits (Link)

(55) Quebecois as a nation — A motion to confirm Quebec within a united Canada (Link)

(56) Red Tape Reduction Commission – Announced on January 13, 2011 to greatly reduce bureaucratic administration for small and medium sized businesses that have a clear and detrimental effect on growth, competitiveness and innovation (Link)

(57) Savings Account that is tax free (Link)

(58) Self-employ Fairness Act – (Bill C-56) — Provides special benefits to the self employed on a volunteer basis (Link)

(59) Seniors Day — A law in the fall of 2010 that recognizes the contributions seniors make to their families, communities and workplaces (Link)

(60) Softwood Lumber Agreement (Bill C-24) (Link)

(61) Street racing crack down (Link)

(62) Students exempted from taxation for scholarships, bursaries and fellowships (Link)

(63) Tackling Violent Crime Act (Link) (Link)

(64) Taxpayers Bill of Rights (Link)

(65) Taxpayers Ombudsman (Link)

(66) Tax Treaties with Columbia, Greece and Turkey — A law was finalized to recognize these tax treaties on December 15, 2010 (Link)

(67) Truth in Sentencing Act – Bill C25 received Royal Assent on October 23, 2009 — ending the two for one credit for time served in pre-trial custody (Link)

(68) Ukraine-Canada Youth Agreement — Signed that would allow youth in both countries to experience freer movement (Link)

(69) Ukrainian & Eastern European immigrants — $10 million to educate Canadians about the internment in Canadian work camps during WWI (Link)

(70) UN Global Fund contribution for mothers, newborns and young children — $540 million pledged by PM Harper at the UN on September 21st, 2010 – when added to the $1.5 billion already promised at the G8 summit in Muskoka and G20 in Toronto, it is the largest contribution ever made by Canada to an international health institution (Link)

(71) Universal Child Care Benefit — $1,200.00 per year for every child under age six

Conservatives should oppose Harper

The main theme that Harper keeps returning to himself is the fiscal record. Yet this is the main reason to get rid of him. Our economic strength, such as it is, is the result of Chretien and Martin being stingy. Harper also supported the bank mergers which would have increased their leverage so they would be more comparable to Citibank. Harper never tires of taking credit for their strength, something he contributed nothing to. Remember bank bailouts have come with a stupefying price tag in many countries. Even in terms of basic fiscal discipline the G20 spending exposed Harper's absolute incompetence.
My grandfather always supported the conservatives. He understood the critical value of science, education, and independent media. It deeply saddens me to see a "Conservative" government appoint a science minister who thinks evolution is a matter of religion; allow universities to languish while building prisons; and push to allow the media to knowingly report false news.
Your blogger - source might not have had much interest in the local race, but this neighbourhood carries a bit of a concern about being overlooked. It is important for us that our representatives make a strong effort to represent local concerns. It is unacceptable that the local candidate would skip the all candidates meeting. It is outrageous that a candidate would be involved in a scandal where funds raised locally were funneled to more important ridings and then have the gall to run again. Please send a message to your party and vote for someone else!

I oppose him and am never

I oppose him and am never voting for conservatives anymore as in Harper they are as genocidal, forcing me to fund their demonic abortion genocide with my tax money) and antichrist (arresting/confiscating propery of/ Christians under Marxist Antichrist pro perversion thought crimes laws.) as the NDP hypocrite nihilist marxists.

Christian Heritage Party is the only conservative party left in toronto.

a reminder of what the harper gov't has accomplished part two

It's all in the way you spin things, I guess. Some things sound good on the surface, but if you dig deeper, they don't. For instance, the idea of $1200 a year going to every child under age six is ridiculous, in my opinion, given all the people who don't need it and probably barely notice their monthly $100 cheques. Certainly not a childcare solution. Even though I myself benefited from it, I knew it wasn't in the best interest of the whole. That's what bothers me about the Conservative philosophy, it's inherently selfish, a "my-back-pocket" kind of approach that makes my blood boil. I think Harper's "accomplishments" are better summed up here: http://shitharperdid.ca.nyud.net/

For Every list, Another List

It really does depend on how you want to spin things. This list is a copy and paste from a conservative blogger who was the communications consultant for Mike Harris.

Some things on this list like Haiti relief and canceling debt would have happened no matter who was in power.

Some items like military expenditures for new cargo planes would have happened no matter who was in power.

The links are not working but in the original document all the links go to government or conservative party press releases. For that reason, the lowering of the GST, (lowering taxes is always popular) was roundly condemned by economics experts as being bad policy and directly lead to an increased deficit. You wont read in press releases that most economists credit the work of Paul Martin and the Liberals for fostering a strong regulated banking system and getting the governments finances in order which in turn spared Canada from the worst of the mortgage recession. I think the Liberals are out of gas in the ideas department but they were right on that front.

The list also leaves out a lot of other small details like defunding immigrant settlement services, defunding family planning, defunding Canadian cultural export grants. The list doesnt mention firing people in the middle of the night or blocking access to public documents. If I actually thought about it I could come up with a list 5 times that length of undemocratic actions the Harper government has done. It all depends on how you want to spin things. And then there is the honesty issue which I think is well expressed here:

And by the way I dont see much in that list for Toronto, the "latte drinking elites" as John Baird called us. But I thank the poster for posting since there does not seem to be a conservative candidate in this riding running a campaign.

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Jack & Oliva caught living in a taxpayers-subsidized Co-op

The Real Jack Layton—with or without his clothes

-Saturday, April 30, 2011

The name on Canadian NDP (read Socialist) leader Jack Layton’s birth certificate is ‘John’. And the only way voters ever got to know that was because Layton was a literal John when Toronto police found him naked as a jaybird in a ‘massage parlour’ in Toronto’s Chinatown. (Exercising says his NDP politician wife Olivia Chow).

Until the Toronto Sun drummed it back up, that was 15 years ago and he wasn’t charged by police but sent back home on his signature bicycle.

Jack Layton is proponent Numero Uno, Caviar Socialist Number 1, in the story of How the Left Was Won to become the ugly underbelly that all but dominates Canadian politics.

Far more important than the ‘massage’ which Smilin’ Jack—now ‘surging’ at the polls as likely Opposition Leader in Monday’s federal election—is the little discussed fact that Layton has milked the Canadian taxpayer for generations.

Like proverbial fleas on the backside of a dog, Layton, his family and friends, have lived on the avails of the Canadian public purse for most of their lives.

Layton, who spent his salad days as a radical Toronto city councillor, is married to Olivia Chow, former school board trustee and city councillor before being elected to serve as a Member of Parliament for Trinity-Spadina.

Until the feisty Toronto Sun unearthed the Layton ‘Massage Parlour’ story this weekend, it was something police joked about, the day when, standing there in his birthday suit, Layton had to admit to an investigating officer that John and Jack Layton were “one and the same”.

But the story of Jack Layton scandals goes well beyond being caught sans culottes in a ‘massage’ parlour.

Layton and Chow were caught living in the taxpayer-subsidized Hazelburn Co-op in the early ‘90s. A group of single mothers who picketed the co-op every day with ghetto blasters playing the song, Hit the Road Jack forced the issue long enough to drive him out, though Smilin’ Jack will contend that he left voluntarily.

When the Conservative provincial government of the day was debating who should rightfully be living in taxpayer-subsidized co-ops, the rally call was changed to “Housing for the Needy, Not the Greedy”, something that has stuck to Smiling Jack tar-and-feather-fashion for those who never forgot the hypocrisy of Hazelburn.

When they were living in the co-op with Chow’s mother, the combined annual income of Layton and Chow was $120,000. The rent on their 3-bedroom apartment was $880 per month.

The total salary of Canada’s most notorious couple is $369,156, a combination of Layton’s $211,425 salary as NDP leader and wife Olivia’s $157,731 as an MP. Both Laytons also collect municipal pensions from their days as councillors.

For Canada, this has been an unending family affair. Layton’s son, Michael was elected as a Toronto councillor last December.

Toronto’s only communist councillor, Paula Fletcher, re-elected in December, rode Layton’s coat-tails in the 2003 municipal election.

These days the Toronto Star-dubbed “Ottawa’s million-dollar couple” lives in a $2,000-a-month apartment just steps from Parliament Hill.

“Like other MPs from outside the National Capital Region, the couple is entitled to charge for their accommodation, meals while traveling and maintaining a constituency office. Chow’s expenses tallied $530,304.73 and Layton’s was $628,913.68.”

Like the far left who long ago seized the moral high ground to lecture the masses, Jack Layton has long been a progressive hypocrite.

When Our Toronto, the forerunner to Canada Free Press (CFP), launched its premier issue back in 1991, it featured a front page cartoon of Layton climbing into a chauffeur-driven city limousine with the bicycle he always used for photo ops strapped to the limo’s back. The cartoon limo’s license plate read: “Caviar Socialist No. 1”.

Anti-American to the core, Layton once led a protest against the Toronto docking of the USS Oliver Hazard Perry because as then Toronto Mayor Art Eggleton said, it was equipped to carry nuclear weapons.

Jack of all trades and Master of Publicity, Layton was an expert in communication long before the Internet.

Cheering Layton on election night will be Barack Obama. Both Layton and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff (media dubbed “Iggy”) relate to Obama. Ignatieff was only trained by Obama former economic advisor Larry Summers and calls Samantha Power married to Obama czar Cass Sunstein, friend, while Layton basks in the handle of “the Obama of Canada”.

During the last time Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper was preparing to call an election, Smilin’ Jack was in Denver.

“Democrats here are talking about the same kind of change we’re talking about in Canada,” said Layton. “Whether it’s real action on climate change, forging trade policies that work for working families or standing up for jobs and better health care, there’s a real desire here to put the concerns of the kitchen table ahead of the boardroom table.”

It’s ironic that until Layton surged ahead in this election that the majority of Canadians could afford to ignore him.

Ignoring the low-in-polls Socialist was so obvious even to his own party, that one of the NDP’s Quebec candidates was vacationing in Las Vegas instead of campaigning, another was spending last week in the Caribbean and yet another was planning to be in France on election day. (Les MacPherson, The StarPhoenix, April 30, 2011).

Layton’s surge in the polls does prove a few good things—most especially that Summers and Powers notwithstanding, Liberal Ignatieff has plummeted down, down, down.

Now that Canadians are being forced to take Layton seriously rather than make fun of him, Jack Layton stands before them—stark naked

Tea Party Running In JT Apparently : )

Wow another cut and paste job originally written by a right wing wing blogger named Judi McLeaod who has appeared on Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck's show among others. Her blogs headline is "Without America there is no free world" and her sight features all sorts of nutbar Tea Party Birther conspiracies. A news source you can trust. Interesting that a "local" would be quoting pro Tea Party right wingers as if it had any relevance to Davenport or reality for that matter. The opinions you can trust as being legitimate are the ones that have names.



Isn't Judi McLeod the same writer who plagiarized an article from "The Onion" without realizing it was satire?


Thanks for that reliable and well-documented info. GO JACK GO!!!

NOW interview with Davenport candidates

NOW Magazine has a riding profile and interview with Silva, Cash, and Scott. Again, Rodrigues did not answer:

A few more Davenport election links

OpenFile does some Q&A with Davenport candidates Andrew Cash, Wayne Scott, and Mario Silva:

The Bloordale Press has posted interviews with Mario Silva, Wayne Scott, Simon Luisi, and Andrew Cash.

election video

20 minutes on May 2

It's not riding specific, but a friend of mine worked on the video, and I have a feeling a few people 'round here might like it.

First Election Prediction

A rare combination Federal/Provincial election prediction:

If Andrew Cash wins, and it looks like he could, OR, comes in a close second, expect Dalton McQuinty to start talking about electric trains within a week or so as he starts to see the writing on the wall and expect more trees to be cut down to fuel yet another 14 page booklet in the mail about how Tony "where?" Ruprecht loves the environment complete with photos taken years ago.

Remember Dirty Diesel Trains have some Federal $$$ in them and remember which party has been pro electric train from day one. The results in our riding could certainly influence the next provincial election.

The writing is on the wall

The writing is on the wall for Ruprecht. If Silva, who won by 5,000 votes in the last federal election, is coming so close to being knocked off, Ruprecht surely cannot hang onto the seat. He beat out the NDP by only 1,500 votes in the last provincial election, and that was with a strong showing from the Green Party.
Liberal Party brass obviously realize this. That is why Ruprecht is not among the candidates for the October election listed on the party's website.
Ruprect, on the other hand, is telling people that he is still in the running.
I bet the provincial Libs are spooked by what is going on in Davenport at the federal level and Mcguinty won't sign off on Ruprecht's nomination papers. Ruprecht will be encouraged to retire.
With the NDP gaining such a strong foothold in the riding, the Liberals will have to find an impressive replacement for Ruprecht if they want to hang onto the seat.

'Senator' Tony Ruprecht Next ?

* shudder *

(and yes, I know he's provincial. Just thinking of horror movies for some reason)

Press Notice Davenport Waking Up

Election Vandalism

The Star: Election vandalism

It is very disturbing to see Wayne Scott getting targeted. Voter intimidation is a dangerous attack on our democracy. Of course I hope the culprit is caught, but even if not it is important that this not become a trend.

Video: Candidates at DIGIN

I recorded most of the candidates' Q&A session at the recent DIGIN meeting. You can view it here:

check this out....

Mario Silva came to my door and said that he has never been in Ireland. I asked him if he is doing his PhD while still an MP, and he said again "i've never been to Ireland. They say i am in a university in Ireland, but i've never been there." Well, I went online and found these little nuggets. Not only is he a 'current' student at the National University of Ireland at Galway, but the director of his program was talking about how "when he is not working on his thesis, he is a member of the Canadian Parliament". Huh?! Does he really think we are so stupid that we don't understand these things can be done by distance?! insulting.

Silva's Wikipedia entry - how long till he edits it?

I just updated Mario Silva's Wikipedia entry to include his educational background. Most of the details are from his official biography at mariosilva.ca so he shouldn't have any problem with that.

However, I also added that he's a current Ph.D. student at National University of Ireland and gave his thesis title. I expect that to disappear pretty quickly because it certainly seems he's keen to hide this.

It's a shame, because doctoral studies are something to be proud of. Silva's educational background is pretty impressive. I'm somewhat concerned that Andrew Cash doesn't seem to have much in the way of formal education (and I wonder if a woman with his background would be taken as seriously), but I want a full-time MP who's present in Parliament, not an MP who's basically phoning it in. I don't care if Silva's "never been to Ireland"... sounds like he's rarely been to Parliament, where we pay him handsomely to represent us.

Mario Silva Wikipedia

Just now it says:
"Of Portuguese background, Silva is popular locally for his help with immigration matters, community involvement, and record on international human rights."

...umm, community involvement? How? When? Where? Anyone notice?
I guess it's a truism that you cannot believe everything that you see in print.

See it for yourself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario_Silva

Ironic. Mario lost his city councillor to an NDPer, Adam Giambrone in 2003.
(I SO hope Andrew Cash is not another Giambrone fail!)

Will it be the NDP curse against him again? (especially given that the polls say the Liberals and NDP are in a dead heat).

Equal Time

Andrew Cash Wikipedia is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Cash

Time for a change

I think Silva is trying to keep a lid on the Phd because he knows he's done nothing for the riding and the doctorate is more important to him. It looks bad too. Unfortunately it's an all too common case of a politician looking after himself and not representing the constituents. Just what has he done for Davenport since 2004? In fact what has any Liberal, provincial or federal, done for the riding in the past 40 years?

Red Herring

Contrary to popular belief many people elected as MPs are not lawyers. Since they are responsible for writing Canada's laws, it is a very good idea for them to study law. Human Rights law seems to be a perfectly good choice to me.
I know a few people who have started Doctorates. I even know a couple who completed the process. The process is famous for being drawn out over decades precisely because many people are not able to commit the time necessary to complete the process quickly. That said, if it is going to take you a long time to complete, there is no reason to talk about it.
I would expect that Cash would have a lot to learn. I don't hold this against him, it just seems foolish for his supporters to suggest that studying law would be a bad thing.
To me, this discussion makes Cash look weak. It suggests his campaign is running short of legitimate points.

Mario Silva and Involvement

I think that education is a brilliant thing as long as it contributes to, and doesn’t take away from, effectiveness.

I can't say that I have been involved in all political issues in Davenport, but I have been well involved on the electrification of the air rail link, and I feel that Silva is overselling his involvement when he says, "Residents of the Junction Triangle will be very familiar with my regular contact with them both through mailed newsletters and in person on a number of issues but in particular with respect to the Union Station/Airport rail link." I haven't been impressed with his efforts on this front. As far as I know, he has spoken about this issue briefly in Parliament, written a couple of very typical letters, published some uninspired articles in his newsletter, and shown up at one Dig-in meeting. I've had a hard time getting him to respond to my personal letters on this issue, and it isn't clear to me that he has contributed to a vision or strategy on this issue. If he is using electrification as one of his main examples of community involvement and consultation, then I would say that he probably really hasn't been very involved.


When it comes to community involvement by elected people, I think Adam Giambrone has been out the most. Strictly as councilor he was most responsive to calls. However, Mario is next. He's been to my building many times - and he's not trolling for big campaign donations here. He's been to other community events as well. You might not care about anything outside of your one issue, but your expectation that he would contribute to the strategy of your campaign strikes me as a completely false issue. Particularly given that it is primarily a provincial matter. I don't particularly like Silva but the sheer volume of false arguments makes me suspicious.


Warren, it's good to hear that your experience has been different than mine. The only reason I am discussing Mario's involvement in electrification is because he has sighted this as an area where he was very involved.

In my post I did not mention that I expected him to support any sort of a campaign. I do, however, expect political leaders to provide leadership for issues that concern residents, and that includes getting out and talking with people who are concerned with the same issue that you claim to be concerned with.

***If I haven't made it clear, this is just my opinion, based on my experiences. I am currently not a member of any political party -- I just care about issues affecting the health and well-being of my community. Like most folks, I have limited time, and I commit time to issues that I believe are critical to the future of our neighborhood.

Anonymous has no first person

You talk about your posts and your discussions but I have no idea who you are. I have vigorously defended continuing to allow people to post anonymously, but the mechanism has severe inherent limitations. The only way to use it effectively is to make short clear arguments with very strong references. Remember you have no identity therefore no credibility and everything you say must be carried by your references. It is contemptuous to expect real people to have conversations with blank walls. As is, you can't be distinguished from somebody reposting vapid blog entries. The conversational style you seem to want to use can only be meaningful in developing community if you sign up and sign in when you post.
I certainly understand why you might want to post anonymously as I am strongly motivated to do so myself. What point is there risking my reputation in an arguments where many players seems to have no integrity?


Sorry, I forgot to sign off. I believe we met at the Railpath clean up day. - Joanna

Mario Was MIA On Clean Air

There is a minimum of 400 million tax dollars from Ottawa involved in this project so MP's do in fact have a direct interest in the project. Originally the Federal Transportation Department said there was no Federal money involved so there did not have to be a more extensive EA. So right off the bat we had no MP around to go back and say "wait a minute this is incorrect ". Our MP was nowhere to be found and despite many letters and calls and even letters from the City Mario was nowhere to be seen when it counted.

Further in my direct dealings with Mario he never followed up and never said what HE was going to do, it was always about how we could write more letters to Dalton. Thats when he looked up from his Blackberry. My personal experience with him was that he brought nothing and did nothing. Ask any of the other people who went (finally) with Mario to meet Metrolinx. Ask them how they feel Mario's performance was and you will hear the same story.

Any issue that effects a huge number of people in a given area should be the concern of all three levels of government. Here, the City has spoken loud and clear about going electric. But judging on what I have seen Tony and Mario do on this issue one has to come to the conclusion that a vote for the NDP is a vote for electric trains. As Dalton frets we have a rare chance to send a message to Ottawa and Queens Park at the same time.

Silva fails West Toronto Diamond residents

I agree Joanna. Further to your comments I'd like to add that Mr. Silva was no help to the residents who suffered a year of pile-driving in the West Toronto Diamond, just up the road from us. I interviewed several people for my film who live by the Diamond and all of them (no exceptions) said Silva's office was no help whatsoever. Not only did his office claim it was not their jurisdiction but they couldn't even offer information about a government department or person/phone number that might be helpful. The same can be said for Tony Ruprecht's office and Cesar Palacio's.

Silva's Enagement is the issue

Warren I think you misunderstand and nobody is saying that attaining higher skills is a bad thing, or being a lawyer for that matter. Regardless of who is in the race against Silva (A true red herring) the issue is Silva's and his alone. The question is: are we getting as good as representation as we should from a full time MP.

In the last session Silva was ranked 34 out of 298 for attendance (with Ignatief the worst as number 1) missing 47 votes. Some times there were more than one vote on a single day but that cut both ways. It is worth noting too that of the top 50 MPs missing votes 35 were Liberals. The people in High Park cant be happy either that Kennedy was ranked # 6 missing 88 votes. I agree that that vote records ebb and flow from session to session but there is a pattern here.


When an MP is rarely seen around the ward, is the only area politician (except for Ruprecht) to miss a major Clean Train Rally and not even send a representative to speak saying that he didn't know about it (despite press for 2 months in advance and an invite directly from the organizers), it is fair to wonder whether all his attention is on the job he is being paid to do.

I have seen Andrew involved in community issues since we were in highschool. His first band sponsored a child in Latin America before most people were even aware of what was going on down there and he was the person who got the situation in South Africa onto my radar as a 17 year old. Since then he has been involved in countless community activities and benefits, even ones supporting JT. He may not have a doctorate but suggesting that he has a lot to learn is disrespectful to someone who a long pedigree of caring for others and trying to do something about it.

Issues should be the issue

The post above shows Silva representing himself on an issue. All the chatter of the the introduction - ignoring the content of the post is ridiculous.
Attendance is a legitimate concern. I agree with you that MPs should show up for the votes. I don't feel the topic should be a particularly dominant one.
Showing up at a rally is not remotely relevant. Political protests are held precisely to get the attention of politicians. I didn't expect MPs when I joined in the defense of a Morgentaler clinic, I never expected politicians to join anti racist rallies, I didn't expect politicians at the Davenport neighbors for peace where yes I did see Andrew, I didn't expect politicians to defend our civil rights in the wake of the G20 violence, I was shocked when an old friend of mine organized a war resisters event and Mario, Ana, and Andrew were there. Sadly the myopia that leads one to expect the issues most important to YOU should be universally shared is likely very common. Your logic is likely to resonate with many people, but not with me. We are all different.

Please re-read previous posts

No one said studying law was a bad thing. The points being made are about commitment and workload. Why won't Silva be up front about it?

Reading assignments?

Do you really think is will be helpful to give each other reading assignments? Let me turn the question around. Did YOU read the blog post linked above? If so did you really think the most notable think was the flippant remark made in the introduction?

Silva "Spare Time" MP ?

The actual quote is:

"One of our doctoral students is Mario Silva. In his spare time, when he is not working on his thesis, he is a member of the Canadian Parliament."

Encouraging our MPs to get smarter is a good thing but I have to wonder how much time Silva spends on our issues and how much studying. A doctorate is a fairly heavy workload and after reading the program requirements I wonder how one does it without going to Galway (a great city by the way): http://www.nuigalway.ie/human_rights/Programmes/phd.html

It is possible that there is some kind of electronic way of doing it but the requirements would still make it tough. I am also interested in why the bio of Silva at the university makes no mention of any of his political activities and uses the email of another student as a contact email.

I would love to know how somebody can become a doctorate student without ever setting foot in the country where the university is. There could be lots of plausible explanations but with Silva (and Ruprecht) getting the facts can prove to be a test. I emailed the dean of the University and asked him to clarify what one has to do in terms of atendance and time to be part of the doctoral program.

Silva Never Been To Ireland

I emailed with Prof. William A. Schabas OC MRIA, Director, Irish Centre for Human Rights who is the scholar in charge of Mario Silva's doctorate and the person who coined the "spare time" comment.

They meet in Toronto at Silva's office according to Schabas and no, Silva has never been to Ireland.

I personally still have some questions about whether Silva is able to devote all his time to being an MP, like missing the Clean Train Rally, and I dont understand why he has seemingly tried to play down his doctorate pursuit because in theory one would be proud of it. I still think that he needs to answer how he is able to do both but for our purposes his claims about Ireland are true, his pursuit of a doctorate are true.

Trade in your Silva for Cash ???

Just had to share this witty slogan I saw on Twitter:

Trade in your Silva for Cash

I had thought "Cash for Toronto" was a neat slogan (on his signs) but this new one is gold.... but I can't get Russell Oliver, "The Cashman", out of my head.

I really, really, really want to know why Davenport keeps re-electing duds like Ruprecht and Silva time after time. ???

(and I used to be a young liberal in the Trudeau years)

Clever, I like you slogan.

Clever, I like you slogan. I'd like to add why is Palacio always re-elected?

Andrew Cash Op Ed in Now

Andrew Cash, NDP candidate, explains in Now Magazine why he feels Liberals have not delivered for Toronto over the years. I tend to agree.


Villager interview with Davenport candidates

The Villager / inside Toronto has posted an interview with four of the candidates:

Silva at Digin

I attended the DigIn meeting on Tuesday April 12. I won’t recount the whole evening here but I do think it’s important to make some observations about the behaviour of the current incumbent, Liberal MP Mario Silva. I feel it is necessary to single him out for a couple of reasons. One, he is our representative in Ottawa who currently makes $170,000 per year and I can find little evidence in the riding of how he’s earning it. Two, I was very disappointed by his behaviour and I feel he oozed the arrogance and entitlement of past Liberal governments, not to mention the current Conservative one.
Mr. Silva arrived about 20 minutes late and he used his own introduction to take a few shots at the NDP party and their candidate Andrew Cash. The first questioner from the audience asked Mr. Silva if he could please put his Blackberry away (he was reading and writing text messages while in the front of the room) and give the audience and the other candidates his full attention. Silva’s response was unapologetic. He put the device away but said he was capable of multitasking and that he was listening to what was going on. So much for respect.
My question was why, if he supports the electrification of the rail corridor that runs through the riding, was he not at the Human Train rally organized by the Clean Train Coalition. He talked for a while about meetings and so on but he didn’t answer the question. When pressed to answer, the best he could do was admit he didn’t know why he wasn’t at the rally. In a phone conversation with him last year Mr. Silva told me he didn’t know about the rally! There were only about a thousand people there who came together around the single most important issue in this riding. Gerard Kennedy was there, as was Peggy Nash, Cheri DiNovo and many other political players. What does this say of Mr. Silva’s concern for his own riding of Davenport?
When asked about his attendance and voting record in the House of Commons (67 absences I believe) Mr. Silva did not really account for the lapse but instead declared he had a very good record as it fell within the top 20% of MP’s voting records. He then went on to attack another riding’s NDP member (and by association Mr. Cash) whose record was worse than his own. As this progressed Mr. Silva got more agitated and started yelling at Mr. Cash and the woman who asked the question. It was a poor display of overblown indignation and underneath it all he revealed a “how dare you question me” attitude. This is pretty bold coming from a politician who, time and again, is pretty much invisible in the riding until an election is called. Perhaps he is too busy getting his Phd from a University in Ireland. My understanding is his thesis is about failed states. I guess he would know. How unfortunate for Davenport. But how fortunate that we have the chance to make a change.

Oozing Arogance

Jeff, I didn't reply to this earlier not because I didn't read it, but because it seemed to me to reflect more on a personal bias than on anything else. We've had lots of discussions here where personal feelings come to dominate "political" discussions in an unhelpful way. (Does the term "disgraced former councilor" ring a bell.)
Believe it or not Andrew got pretty cold when I asked him about something from his flier that I found dubious.
Luckily for him I just don't think that "oozing arrogance" is an issue -- nice turn of phrase though.

Federal election - Candidates survey

Hi everyone,

I'm creating a survey to send out to all federal election candidates in Davenport and posting the answers to this website. In general I'd like to keep the questions specific to Davenport and the JT, rather than broad party policy stuff, though often the party policy stuff does relate directly to local issues. This could help us judge how in-tune our candidates are with our neighbourhood, and also make them aware that we're involved and paying attention.

Do you have any questions to ask? Post them here, or send them through the contact form. Questions for specific candidates will not be accepted, as this is a survey for all of them. Questions from anonymous posters and obvious partisan trolls may be ignored. :)

Deadline for questions is this Friday, April 15th at noon.


Pundit's Guide: Davenport

Here's an interesting link to the Pundit's Guide entry for Davenport. Tons of info about recent elections in Davenport. Results, links to Elections Canada financial statements, etc..etc...

Some Details Dont Show

One of the better sites of this kind. But it doesnt show everything. One of the more curious things is Theresa Rodrigues who lives in Oakville (and still doesnt have a website up.) Her campaign is really a placeholder operation and you can see that her locally raised money has dropped every year and so has the Party contribution. In 2008 it would appear that the party gave her zero money. BUT that year was the same campaign that there was the "in and out" funding scandal. According to the Canadian Press Theresa Rodrigues was one of the candidates (many said no) who accepted money from the national campaign and then sent it back.


Interesting reading.

Another absentee candidate

It should be pointed out that Ms. Rodrigues is not the only candidate whose neighbourhood ties contain some loose ends. I understand that NDP candidate Andrew Cash lives in the East end around Danforth and Pape.

Cash Lives In Ward

Wrong, he lives in the ward. He has certainly been more around than Silva over the past 2 years at things like the Clean Train Rally. He has lived in the ward and in Parkdale and the east end over the years.

Not sure about that

His campaign literature says he lives in the riding, on St. Anne's Rd. I believe he may have moved there recently.

Don't listen to Silva. Cash lives in this riding

Mario Silva tried to plant this seed during the debate at Piccininni. Alleging that Cash doesn't live here. Baloney. He may have lived in other parts of the city at various times, i'm not sure. But haven't most of us?! I mean, am I any less a resident of this riding because I moved here from another province 15 years ago? Or because I spend two years in the east end (and of course, was miserable!) before I found my way back here. My kids go to school with Andrew Cash's son. Really, i think this is desperation time. If that's all that Silva can come up with then Cash has nothing to worry about.

By the way, for those that didn't make it to the debate, Mario was roundly booed for trying to spin this. People were rightly outraged. kind of sad actually.

debate online?

Can anyone tell me if I can watch the debate online somewhere?

Rogers/Goldhawk debate - posted online

Wayne Scott has posted this debate on Youtube, in four parts: http://www.youtube.com/user/HOOFandCYCLE

Davenport Debate

Anyone watch the debate? No conservative representation was present. Anyone know anything about this Simon Luigi?

I'd also like to watch the

I'd also like to watch the debate online. Will it be streamed anywhere?

Debate online

I'm not sure it it will be watchable online. Rogers does stream certain things, like council debates... Their website is a bit confusing.

Some recent shows are available to watch, but I didn't see any episodes of Goldhawk Live listed. And I couldn't find a live stream.

So...we might need someone to record this and post online. :)

I also emailed Rogers and asked them if it would be posted.

It would be a shame if the only debate (that I know of) requires Rogers Cable TV service to watch it.

Gotta Pay Rogers

It does require yiou subscribe to Rogers cable.

Just like when they did the City Councillor debates, they archive on their site but you have to subscribe (and I could not afford to watch myself, lol)

Strongly suggest people come

Strongly suggest people come out to The next DIGIN meeting takes place on Tuesday April 12 2011, 7:00PM in the Ambrico Room of the Wallace-Emerson Community Centre, 1260 Dufferin St. (at Dupont).

Candidates will be there to do Q&A !


If we are going to talk about the Federal election I think all federal issues should be fair game. Perhaps only in this forum. Part of the decision making process demands that we put issues into their appropriate context. Some groups will invariably avoid discussion of substantive issues, some federal issues are difficult to deal with or get an appropriate handle on. There may be four local issues and six broader issues; it would be most helpful to put them all on the table as individual citizens weigh them and consider where they stand.
For example, one local federal issue far outside our cold steel rails is the cod fishery of Newfoundland. The current moratorium was intended to be short term and has clearly failed. The repercussions for the economy, individual livelihoods, and the whole culture are so grave that it is a difficult issue to even discuss on the rock. If the issue is left only to be discussed locally it will not be addressed. But all drag net fishing should be stopped. At minimum the federal fuel subsidies that enable drag net fishing should be recognized for the obscenity they are.
Another under-discussed issue is the currency. We contract out the printing to the Canadian Banknote company but most money is created and flows into our economy through the fractional reserve banking system. The foibles of that system have a dramatic impact on where the wealth and production of our society are directed. The housing mortgage industry is well established and banks fund it consistently. Military industry doesn't face financing obstacles that are so difficult for other projects. Transit City could threaten the credit rating of both the city and the province; Paul Martin made massive spending cuts to keep the interest rate of federal bonds under control, yet the F35 contract is never questioned by banks in terms of the financial obligations.
I may be in a minority, but I think this site should differentiate itself from facebook with a stronger culture of citizenship. When choosing a local representative, we should talk about all the factors that we need to consider.

2008 election: Poll by poll results map

A map that shows poll-by-poll results from the 2008 election:

Pretty solidly Liberal red, with a few pockets of NDP orange. Will be interesting to see how it changes (or not) this time around.

Trends Better Than Maps

I would caution not to judge by colour but by actual numbers. Many of the red polls were won by only a few votes and also many of the areas that were won by Mario Silva continue to undergo demographic change. Overall Silva won by 5,000 votes in the last election which is pretty good but it is interesting to take a longer look at results. Because turnout changes from election to election you only go by % and even there things can be effected by the number of candidates.

Davenport % of Vote
--------Liberal ---NDP
1993 73% ---9% (this was possibly the highest % ever for the ward)
1997 65.9% ---18.4%
2000 66.7% ---13.6%
2004 50.7% ---34.1%
2006 51.9% ---32.6%
2008 45.8 % ---31.3%

The Reform/Alliance/PC (combined) has hovered around 10% for the last 15 years.

In the last election the Green vote jumped from 4.8 % up to 10.5 % almost beating the PC party. This mirrors a widespread interest in environmental issues. It will be interesting to see if this interest is still there.I have a feeling it is not.

It would be safe to say that this riding is a centre left riding.

Two interesting things. One, Mario Silva (and Tony Ruprecht) are trending down and that may have something to do with voter fatigue of their personal brand as both have been around a long time. Second, Andrew Cash is the first NDP candidate in the riding with a wide profile. Gord Perks was certainly known but Andrew also has years of public performance under his belt and a lifetime of political activity. Unlike previous weak NDP candidates Andrew brings a whole group of people with him who are attracted to him personally. With the changes in the south and Bloor stretch of the riding, and potentially new voters, this could end up being a real close race.

Davenport candidates debate on Rogers TV

According to Wayne Scott's website:

"Televised DAVENPORT All Candidates Debate on ROGERS' GOLDHAWK LIVE, Monday April 11 at 9:00 8:00 PM. (The night before the Party Leaders' English Debate)"

NOTE: Time has changed from 9:00PM to 8:00PM.

Toronto Star's Davenport profile

The Star published a riding profile for Davenport:

No major news, but some interesting background....

This profile seems a bit cut

This profile seems a bit cut and paste and a little out of date. The riding is undergoing a massive change in demographics and transportation and development. I wish they would not do these broad stroke portraits at all and instead do feature stories.

Statistics Tell a Story in Davenport

2001-2006 population change: DROPPED 6.3 per cent
Visible minority: 32.9 per cent
Unemployment rate: 7.3 per cent

Reasons to raise issues important to us in these elections, like the ones mentioned:

Issues: The riding has a low average income and education level, and a high proportion of immigrants and minorities, with large Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and black communities. Much of the population works in trades or manufacturing, sectors of the economy that have taken a hit in recent years.

... so what is our next MP and MPP going to do? It seems electing the Liberal retreads only ensures those political representatives remain missing in action. Yet: "Davenport is as close as it gets to a sure thing for the Liberals, who have taken the riding uninterrupted since 1962". Maybe that's the problem. Complacency?

Federal election candidates - links

I've started to gather links to the federal election candidates that I know of, so far. Check the listings up top, as I will update these as I find out more info.

If you know of any other candidates, links, etc., feel free to share them here in the comments.

Click on Theresa Rodrigues

Click on Theresa Rodrigues website today and you get: This site is under development

...ummm,. hasn't she been already running for the conservatives forever? There are signs around the riding that have been up since a few elections ago9.

Cons have definitely given up on Davenport, as it is, I agree a left-centre riding, trending more left as time goes by.

Not accurate in your statement

For your information Kenny boy just because Theresa Rodrigues the Conservative or con as you call her website is not running does not mean her campaigne is not in full swing. I work the phones on a daily basis and I speak to a lot of people. Let me tell you something kenny Boy their are many people who are switching their vote from Liberals to Conservative. Big Thanks goes to Fantino and Rob Ford. Let me tell you another thing their would never be a NDP MP or MPP in Davenport.

great combination

Who else loves the combination of an anonymous poster repeating a condescending school yard put down like "kenny Boy" and using bad grammar?
Another approach we might take would be to set aside personal insults and focus on the issues.

Agreed. This day and age a

Agreed. This day and age a candidate has to have a working website and hers is still not up. Surprising. There is nothing wrong with voting for Theresa Rodrigues but she has been a placeholder candidate for quite a while in a riding she has zero chance of winning; she was almost beat by the Green party last time. You see the same thing the other way around in other ridings where Liberals or NDP have no chance. Since they have been stagnant for some time maybe it is time for a fresh face next time around. I think we all prefer posters not to be condescending towards others and so far things have been pretty constructive so lets keep it that way.

"NDP expansion into Liberal-held ridings"

Here is the story I think Katie is talking about


It would be nice to have a full time MP in the riding.

In the News

We are already being a riding to watch as the NDP may sneak up on the liberals in this ward.