Public Meeting: the Future of Dufferin Grove Park

From Michael Monastyrsky. Please note that this affects services and events at Campbell and other parks too.

Tuesday June 21, 7 to 9 pm, with Councillor Ana Bailao. At the park clubhouse. Bake-oven supper available from 6 p.m. Everyone welcome!

On Tuesday June 14, more than 100 people came to Campbell Park for a community dinner and campfire. During the evening, many people asked park staff if dinners like this could become a regular event. Campbell staff would like to see that happen, but a lot will depend on decisions made at City Hall.

The idea for a community dinner in the park comes from Dufferin Grove where Friday Night Suppers are a weekly program run by city recreation staff. The future of Dufferin Grove and the kind of programming it has innovated may be in doubt as the city seeks to makes cuts to overcome a budget deficit of between $500 and $700 million. While the budget problem is real, there may be better ways to cut costs than scaling back popular community-supported local programming.

Next Tuesday's meeting at Dufferin will be a chance for the public to discuss "how to protect the park as the budget storm approaches."

What happens at Dufferin has implications for Campbell and all of Toronto's other city parks. If you like the idea of community dinners and other events that make our parks lively family-friendly places, come out next week to Dufferin.

More information about the meeting can be found on the Friends of Dufferin Grove website.


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Street/Junction-area Garage Sale

Hi there,
anybody out there thinking of having a garage sale?
A couple of my neighbours/friends are...wouldn't it be nice to have multiple families/homes pick a date and throw a street sale...this would bring the community together and be a great way to meet your neighboours and get rid of some items you no longer use........any ideas? dates?