Bending the Rails: Documentary screening at Revue Cinema

Details from the Facebook event page:

Bending the Rails: documentary about the diesel trains

Time: Tuesday, August 30 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Revue Cinema

More Info: Free screening at the Revue Cinema (400 Roncesvalles) Tuesday August 30 @ 7:00PM. MP Andrew Cash, Councillor Ana Bailão, MPP Cheri DiNovo, filmmaker Jeff Winch and Paul Gorczynski from the office of Peggy Nash will be in attendance. Q&A after screening (running time 45 mins)

The Junction Triangle in Toronto is surrounded by railway lines. Very soon those rails will bring excessive toxic diesel pollution to the neighbourhood, courtesy of the Ontario Government.

Citizens all along the rail corridor want clean electric trains, but Premier Dalton McGuinty isn’t listening.

With government sorely letting it down, the scrappy Junction Triangle fights on.

But the diesel trains are coming closer and time is running out

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bending the rails

There was an amazing turnout for Jeff's film on Tuesday night. The Revue Cinema was packed, standing room only! I was heartened to see how much this issue still means to people, and to see how much they enjoyed Jeff's hard work. Andrew Cash, Cheri DiNovo, and Ana Bailao participated in a lively Q&A afterwards.

You forgot to mention Jonah name

I don't see why Jonah was up on the stage with Cash, DiNovo and Bailao (Photo in the Bloordale Press).

He isn't a politician, only a candidate. Was this about Jeff's Docu or are we promoting Jonah and the NDP?????


The attendance couldn't have been better and I'd like to thank all the folks from the neighbourhood who showed up and lent the film and the issue their support. Also I thought Richard did an excellent job as MC and Vic took a lot of really good photos. Thanks everyone!


It couldn't have been better even if you'd brought a jar of pickles to share Jeff! :-) Love that line about going to your house for a coffee or a pickle!

"Bending the Rails" in The Villager

The Villager / Inside Toronto posted an article about this today:

C T C, needs to do a better job reaching out to

VIC WROTE: "Citizens all along the rail corridor want clean electric trains, but Premier Dalton McGuinty isn’t listening"

There are many people along the corridor that aren't be reached and still don't know about the diesel trains, election trains or the clean train group. I did speak with and I think his name was Rick from CTC at Big on Bloor. I told him that I spoke to Mike Sullivan in the past about this same subject and that more needs to be done to reach out to ALL the community, not just the english speaking residents. He did take notes and will pass this along.

Like I said before many residents come from europe or other countries were election train is used and CTC should be reaching out to them as well.

I also spoke to Ana's office about this. I must admitt Ana has been doing a great job sending out literature in the top 2 to 3 languages of ward18. Hopefully she will speak to Cash and CTC about this. JF


A few corrections:

I didn't write that. It's quoted from the event page on Facebook, as I mentioned in my original post.

This isn't a CTC event, as I don't see any mention of them here or on the Facebook page. Please try to stay on-topic.

For what it's worth, I have received Portuguese flyers from the CTC, though they definitely could make more of an effort to reach out...

And I'd like to mention again that if people want to veer off and discuss demographics of the Junction Triangle, there's already a message forum for that here.

Bending the Rails

Thanks for posting the event notice Vic. This free film event is presented by the Junction Triangle Rail Committee and is made possible by the generous support of Realtors for Electric Rail and Chander Chaddah.

Screening support

It must also be mentioned that both our Councillor Ana Bailao and our MP Andrew Cash are financially sponsoring the screening in addition to doing promotion.