Provincial Election: Davenport Candidates Debate (Rogers TV)

On Wednesday September 28, 8:00-9:00PM, Dale Goldhawk on Rogers TV will be hosting a Davenport candidates debate. Some info here:

If you have Rogers cable TV, you can watch it live. I don't think they stream these debates live online, though other recent debates from other ridings are watchable from the Rogers website.

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Christina immediately lost my

Christina immediately lost my vote (confidence) when she backed diesel trains,

Has she NOT been paying attention to what the area residence have been saying?

If she can ignore our concerns now, while still campaigning, what can we expect if elected ????

I'm voting for who supports electric trains & good transit

Christina Martins does not live in the riding

During the debate a caller asked the candidates if they lived in Davenport and if not, what riding did they live in. Christina Martins did not answer the question. She only said she lived in the GTA.

Recorded debate