Jonah Schein wins Davenport Seat

Congratulations to Jonah Schein, our new MPP in the Davenport riding. (Results are still trickling in, so I might have to update this post in the morning, but I think we can call it now.)

So, we now have a Liberal minority government in Ontario, and our previous Liberal MPP has now been replaced with an NDP member. What will this mean for the future of Davenport?

Jonah Schein was was one of the few Davenport candidates to speak out strongly for the immediate electrification of the Airport Rail Link. As an opposition member in a minority government, how effective will he be at bringing this about? With the NDP holding a balance of power in this minority government, maybe they can push strongly on this issue?

What are your thoughts on these results?

Should be interesting to see how this all works itself out.

Note: Previous election discussion was here. I'm closing comments on that forum, and followups on the results should go here.


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FYI : short contribution by MP Andrew Cash

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It was an exciting race to

It was an exciting race to watch... I think Jonah will represent our neighbourhood in the best way possible.

He was on Metro Morning around 7:20am this morning sounding pretty tired. Glad to see this riding getting some much deserved attention for ousting the Liberals. Both Andrew Cash and Jonah Schein campaigned hard and earned their respective seats.

Congrats to Jonah

Couldn't help but notice all the attention on Davenport tonight because it was such a tight race up until the end. A real nail bighter. Losing the riding lost the Liberals a majority.