Railpath construction underway

 The West Toronto Rail Path, under construction.  Looking north over the Bloor St. bridge.    Photo by Ranajit Singh, July 9 2008.Railpath Construction, July 9 2008: The West Toronto Rail Path, under construction. Looking north over the Bloor St. bridge. Photo by Ranajit Singh, July 9 2008.

If you haven't noticed yet, the West Toronto Railpath is now under construction. The first stage of this new linear park / pathway will link Cariboo Ave. in the north to the Dundas and Sterling area in the south.

Construction started this spring, and should be completed by next year.

Ranajit took some photos of the path yesterday, and has sent them along for us to post on the website. You can view these photos in our photo gallery. Thanks Ran!


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Railpath photos

Hi Scott,

If you have access to post to the Railpath website, feel free to grab any of my RP to post there.

I'll have to go back someday again when the sun isn't setting.

I didn't notice that the rocks had been moved. Just a few days ago when I took these photos, the rocks were still there. I assume it wasn't the city that moved them out of the way?


More Railpath photos

I have some older RP photos that I will put up on the RP site when I have some time. Can I put these up ?

You will notice that at Ernest the rocks denoting City property have "mysteriously" moved to allow Solways trucks to turn around.

Ernest cleanup

I noticed last night, maybe a little after 7:00pm, that there was a woman that appeared to be sweeping the entire street in front of Solways. Is this something new, or do they clean up the street regularly?

Solways has to clean the road

Solways has to clean the road as a MLS TRibunal condition that was imposed after residents complained.

More Railpath photos

I went for a ride along the whole Railpath last night, just before that amazing sunset. Took a ton of photos along the way. Might not be the most interesting photos right now, but I think it will be nice to look back on them after the work is done to see the difference. I wish I could have gone out to do the same before any of the work started.

Here's the link to the gallery:


Response re: Railpath from Giambrone's Office

Here is the response from Adam Giambrone's office regarding the Railpath and Blu22. I saw Adam in person and he assured me that getting the land to continue the Railpath south to the lake is his preferred option and will do what he can to make that happen. As you can read below, a lot of this is out of City's hands.

Hi Scott,

Possibly we need to be concerned, but really it's a bit too early to tell yet. Up until a few weeks ago, Blu22 was a dead project in all but name, but now, with the new-found Provincial interest, perhaps it will actually go forward. If so, and if they construct a new line of tracks for it through the rail corridor, it could potentially not leave enough space afterwards for the continuation of the Railpath south of Dundas.

The Parks Dept. and Facilities and Real Estate Dept. are in regular contact with the people at CP Rail to make the case that they should sell the land we need for the continuation of the park to the City. CP's position is essentially that they are waiting to see what happens with Blu22 before they make a decision.

Based on what we know so far, it sounds like the province will need to conduct an Environmental Assessment process about whatever revised version of the project they decide to try to move forward. Those meetings would be a good opportunity for residents and others who want to see the Railpath extended southward to make their views known.



Chris Gallop
Constituency Assistant to:
Adam Giambrone
Toronto City Councillor
Ward 18 Davenport
Chair, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West, Suite C42
Toronto, ON, M5H 2N2
p: 416.392.7012
f: 416.392.7957

Railpath in today's Star

There's an article about the progress of the WTR in today's Toronto Star:


Railpath in today's Star

I hope one day they will extend the path to Parkdale and Liberty village.

I for one will be using it to do my groceries at the Ol' Knobhill Farms site (No Frills) - beats walking up the Sterling street hill to Dundas W.