Toronto Coffee Company

Although I've been excited to see the recent openings of indie cafes/restaurants in the Junction Triangle, I've been thoroughly disappointed with Toronto Coffee Company on Lansdowne. The first time I went in, I ordered an espresso as a measuring stick. Needless to say, I came away unimpressed. It tasted like something that would come out of a generic Saeco machine one would find at home. Not wanting to give up on a place in the neighborhood and one so conveniently located near a subway station, I tried a second time with a cappuccino. Once again, the same results. The milk was extremely hot(which is not the temp you want for a cappuccino) and again, the espresso shot was weak. Are these people even trained baristas or is it the worrying trend of indie coffee places popping up with reclaimed wood furniture, and hipster girls at the counter trying to counteract the fact that they don't do coffee well. I will say, the pastries I have tried there are decent, but I doubt they are baked in house. Sad. I wanted so much for you to be better Toronto Coffee Company. If the name implies you represent our city's coffee, please stop.

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Vegan - Almond milk option!

I like almond milk. They cater to lots of vegan options which is very very nice!

"Lay Off the Almond Milk, You Ignorant Hipsters"

I could not resist:

Who would have thought almonds would become a source of shaming and controversy? : ) This story is one of the most read on the Mother Jones site and while the writer has written a lot about almonds and drought I think this story was designed to rile people up a bit.

Did they close?

I've been to the TCC a few times and always enjoyed my hot chocolates :) But passing by there recently, I noticed that the window were covered up and there was a sign posted. Has it closed?

Originally it was because it

Originally it was because it seemed that they were doing renos but perhaps they had to re-do stuff because they didn't have permits and that could take awhile...hope it's back up though!

Looks like it will be

Looks like it will be re-opening another another name. There's signage for a coffee & tea place on the door, but it looks like the same font they were using before

What kind of review is this?

This reeks of some snobby Roncy review - come on, how about encouraging people to get out, support a local business, and let them formulate their own opinion? (key point here - own opinion...) What is the more important message here - the state of Toronto indie coffee scene and your opinion of that trend, or sending a supportive message to your neighbours about a local business taking a genuine stab at it in our back yard? Let's not be teenagers or snobs at this website - it should be a forum for support.

your point is well taken

It is a fine line between supporting and being honest about businesses and I think we are still trying to figure out how best to approach that. The last thing we want is an un-moderated crap fest posted by unknown people who may or may not have an axe to grind. In the future I think the best policy will be to announce events and new openings etc but steer people to for example where opinions can be measured in the wider opinion marketplace rather than having undue weight here when they may be a negative or positive solitary post. This year will probably see some upgrades to this site a page to review sites will be part of that.

The bottom line is that this site is run and paid for by one main volunteer and a few small helpers. Moderating the crackpots that we already have takes enough time so your point is well taken and hopefully people can be encouraged to review on a proper review site.

Good experience at Toronto Coffee Company

I think these guys are friendly and efficient and the coffees are not overpriced. Meron, who serves me weekday mornings, is fast and pleasant. Not sure if the coffee is really good quality because I've only had lattes, but they certainly haven't been too hot.

To support them would be to

To support them would be to provide them constructive criticism and hopefully they will truly take note to improve. Yes, we are all for supporting the local businesses but indeed, they must deliver the goods.

There is quite a good barista

There is quite a good barista who works most weekday mornings. She makes a very good espresso. They also have a yummy selection of baked goods. It is convenient and well located. A great addition to the neighbourhood.

I have been happy with the

I have been happy with the lattes that I have purchased there and servers seemed very nice.