Moloney Lot soon to be off limits - if you are parking here pleasde make alternate parking arrangements

The Paking lot across from time 4 play at 213 Sterling Road, that now has the concrete bollards in place will soon be made off limits as the space is going to be prepared for Castlepoints sales site needs, - if you are parking here you will be towed ! (notices will be posted on those vehicles to give them notice as well.)
As an alternate there is a lot that has just opened at the south side of the Moloney Building - it is $100.00 a month the number to call is 416-878-4466
There are still a few weeks before the closure of the lot, but I want to make sure people have the opportunity to make alternate arrangements ASAP.

Thank you,
Philip Share
South Perth & Sterling Road Residents Association

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correction it should read Please not Pleasde

thanks and so much for my ability to proof my submission.