Sterling studio loft residents face eviction

NOW Magazine is reporting that the residents of the "studio lofts" at 221-227 Sterling Rd. are facing eviction.

The speculation at this time is that the owners of the building are trying to get it re-developed and need the tenants moved out of the way.

Please read the article for details. A PDF version is also attached, in case the link dies.

2008-08-20_NOW_Sterling_Lofts.pdf113.77 KB


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Live/Work needs more support

Well no surprise here, it was a matter of time before this happened and I hope that the City will back up the residents for a change.

Its worth noting that less than 20 years ago the City evicted artists from lofts.

It is also worth noting the current catchphrase of "Employment lands" which covers a lot of the remaining rail corridor space does not seem to include provisions for live/work studios. How strong the City commitment is to artists remains to be seen in my opinion. I would love to see live/work spaces take of some the remediated land on the North side of Wallace for example.