Large Lot Between Wallace Ave & Paton Rd on Lansdowne

Does anyone know what is to become of the lot on the west side of Lansdowne?

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Update taken directly from Ana Bailao's website

As many of you are aware, the TTC owned land at 640 Lansdowne Avenue was contaminated by previous industrial uses from the surrounding area. Following a lengthy legal battle between General Electric and the TTC over this contamination, an agreement was finally reached earlier this year.

As a result of my efforts and for the City and TTC to do its due diligence in facilitating the eventual transfer of this land, work is presently underway to complete the environmental testing process on the site to determine the current situation and next steps. This will include a Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Assessment and a Remedial Action Plan. These steps are necessary to ensure that something actually takes place on the land.

I have been informed that this work has started yesterday, meaning that action is taking place after many long years of this site sitting vacant and nothing happening.

This site has also been identified as a potential site for affordable housing through the City's Open Door Program. I would like to caution that everything is still very much in the preliminary stages and I will be updating the community as this issue progresses and the picture becomes clearer.


According to Ana Bailao's office the litigation surrounding the land has now been sorted out and the TTC will be selling the land soon. Likely it will go to a developer for mid-rise development. That would mean 5-8 stories with retail at the base and residences of some sort above. We'll have to wait and see who buys it.

Not so fast. First they have

Not so fast. First they have to determine what kind of remediation is needed.That outcome could greatly effect the process.

Any update

Hi All,

Has anyone heard any update on the future development of this lot? It is quite scary walking by this lot at night. It will be great if some sort of development gets underway.

TTC lot on Lansdowne

I haven't really heard anything in the last couple of years. AFAIK, the City/TTC are still having their lawyers talk to the GE lawyers. I too would be interested to know if anything has changed.

Yes. It would be nice if

Yes. It would be nice if there was a vote of some sort from the local residents. That way we can decide what we want for our area. Albeit a park, a shopping mall...or whatever

Police Station was considered

At one time the TTC property was considered for the new 11 Division police headquarters as it would be a inter City land transfer but the costs and timeline of remediation made it unworkable.

Lansdowne TTC redevelopment

There was a presentation about this at the last DIGIN meeting, on May 8 2012. I missed most of this presentation because I arrived late, but a quick summary:

  • I believe the TCE contamination cleanup is still ongoing, as is the "legal" discussion between the City/TTC and General Electric.
  • City/TTC has contracted an urban design firm, Urban Strategies, to come up with a site plan.
  • West side of the lot, next to the Nitta Gelatin factory would have to remain industrial / "employment" use. The east side closer to Lansdowne would have a mix of residential/commercial.
  • No plans for "towers" here. I think it was going to be 3-4 story stacked / towns / similar.
  • I think some much-needed park space is included
  • As usual, still very early in the process. I'm sure there will be a bazillion community meetings and notices as things come together.
  • Not sure of the timeline. I think that still depends on the cleanup and lawyers...

Wish I could give you more detail, but that's what I remember for now.

I'm sure Councillor Bailao's office could give you more details.

TTC Lands

The TTC owns the property, and the soil was being remediated due to a large TCE contamination. The TTC commissioned the art work so that it wouldn't look like such an eyesore while the remediation was ongoing. I have yet to see much work done to the property, the gravel is moved around once or twice a year. However, recently two trailers, a porta-potty and a tent have been moved into place on the north west corner of the property. I am guessing that more work on the soil will be taking place. As for what it will become, the lands abut the gelatin factory, so I am guessing due to current zoning legislation residential use will not be feasible. (and its unlikely that you'd want to live there, the gelatin factory smells terrible.)
There was rumour that it was going to be turned into a park, which seems like a possible use, otherwise more light industrial or commercial. We could see something similar to the outdoor mall development going in at Keele and St. Clair as it faced similar zoning issues due to being next to the slaughterhouse.

I am interested what

I am interested what development is slated for this piece of land and the timing of it.