1439 Bloor West @ Perth (Former U-Haul)

There's a development proposal submitted for the site at the south-west corner of Bloor St. W. and Perth Ave.: "Proposal for site plan approval for the lands at 1439 Bloor W and 80 Perth St for 12 storey mixed use building with retail at grade - 2 stories below grade parking - 120 parking spaces."

Previous discussions about this site were here, but I'm closing that thread and discussions can continue here.

Note: This property possibly falls under the protected "Employment Lands" category for this area. There is some documentation about it here. This could mean that the developers will not be allowed to put in residential units.

The development proposal is documented on the City's website here, although it doesn't really have very much detail.

Here's the text:

Ward 18 - South District

Site Plan Approval

Proposal for site plan approval for the lands at 1439 Bloor W and 80 Perth St for 12 storey mixed use building with retail at grade - 2 stories below grade parking - 120 parking spaces .

Application Number: 10 104718 STE 18 SA
Application Status: Application Submitted

Planner Name: Hewston, Jamaica
Phone#: 416-392-0758
Date Received: Jan 14, 2010
Community Meeting Date: ---
Status Date: Jan 14, 2010
Statutory Meeting Date: ---
Proposed Non-Residential GFA (sq m): 115
Proposed Residential GFA (sq m): 9614
Lot Size (sq m): 2961
Proposed Residential Units: 129
Proposed Storeys: 12

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I am wondering if anyone knows what this development is going to be? Has the plan changed in the past 5.5 years since the last post here? There is construction and excavation but no signs with public information.

The planner for this site is

The planner for this site is now Aviva Pelt. The construction is for a sales centre for the 26 Ernest Avenue property.

Bloor Perth /Tom Falus Group Builder/Developer

Our neighbourhood has to come together to pressure the developer to deliver what the artist concept portrays, the building as it is currently conceptualized is actually not bad, there are some changes to where the retail needs to be placed and the streetscape improved and roof greening that needs to be done, but with most projects that Fallus has delivered the delivery rarely has represented what the concept offered.
These areas along Bloor have the ability to absorb more residential, but we really are looking to have the area lifted up in it's visual context, so far what Fallus has delivered has been rather lacklustre.
The parking component is a much needed addition to the neighborhood and even if residents don't have cars it opens the opportunity for AutoShare or Zip (or maybe even Toronto Parking Authority to acquire space off Bloor accessible to residents in the neighborhood.
Or it allows the local residents to opt to rent indoor parking from the condo owners themselves another option that has not been available to this area.
We are at the cusp of an explosion of development in this area and we need to be vigilant to ensure it meets the needs of the area in terms of the end result such as the height of the building, the initial concept shows Brick at street level to about 8 floors up and then a glass setback at the upper levels all in all a nicer looking building than anything else currently along our stretch of Bloor (Lansdowne to Dundas West and beyond).
If anyone has an interest in what is being offered the plans are at City Hall and can be viewed by appt.
The October 25th will see us sporting a new councillor, and I would make sure all those that are interested get the opinion on this development from those seeking to represent the ward, it's important and you only get 1 chance to get it right..so let's work to get the pressure started to make sure we get what is promised and lets see if we can get a Councillor to adopt a motion that the artists concept of any future projects (exteriors) must match the delivered product or have the builder face penalties based on a percentage of overall profit on a site.


Part of the issue is that the

Part of the issue is that the Planning Department is a well documented mess. Understaffed and short on experience they bounce from crisis to crisis without the funds to fight the OMB. Mario Silva (when Councillor) let anything get built in this area and we are still seeing the effect of lackluster design and as cheap as possible cookie cutter designs. Citizens need to be active and keep their eyes peeled. The City wont do it for us.

There was an avenue study in

There was an avenue study in 2002 that council approved in early 2003. Some of the area was studied again in the Dundas Bloor Avenue Study last year. We used to have a map or link to the Employment lands on this site and the employment land designation overruled any previous zoning changes or amendments as the City was in panic mode. I cannot find my copy so I cant recall if the Uhaul site was included or not.

The amendments spoken above to the TOP were a direct result of the 2002 study which among many things concluded that amendments were needed to get that and a few other undeveloped eyesore properties developed.

As usual the application was submitted on January 14 and I bet that nobody in the area has been informed---the usual Planning Department MO.

Bloor/Perth + CIP + Avenue Studies

Hi Scott,

Meant to reply to this earlier but just thought about it again right now...better late than never :) Here are the links related to what you posted:

The property is designated

The property is designated mixed use in the Toronto Official Plan, which allows for the proposed residential use. There's also a site-specific by-law for the property (and a few other properties nearby) that set the height and density limits (30 metres and 4 times total density, respectively).

Official Plan Map: http://www.toronto.ca/planning/official_plan/pdf_chapter1-5/18_landuse_a...

Zoning By-law Amendment: http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/bylaws/2003/law0297.pdf