Supper at Campbell Park with Campfire 5-7pm

The Community Supper for July 7 is Curried chicken, Curried Veg Dish, and a dessert.

Dinner as usual is 5-7, there will be a campfire and lots of fun.
Entree Suggested Donation $5
Dessert Suggested Donation $2
Dinner includes a salad



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Saturday Supper July 14 2012

this week is Asian Inspired:

Main--suggested donation $5
Stirfry with chicken and shrimp
Stirfry with tofu and almonds

dessert suggested donation $2
Fried bananas dipped in coconut with gf almond yoghurt or ice cream

There is organic coffee, juice, water and pop available for donations 50cents to $1

See you there

Supper is served at 5:30,

Supper is served at 5:30, hose and toys are out by 5pm and there is always a lovely fire :)