Nitta Gelatin factory emissions increasing?

Has anyone else noticed the last week a big spike in nasty, smelly emissions from Nitta along Wallace and environs?
This is not just a matter of bad smells but safety:
Some of the chemicals produced include hydrogen sulfide gas, which killed workers in 1975 and in 1980. Another chemical hazard is the alkaline agents used in cleaning the equipment, and these can cause severe skin burns.
Read more: Safety Issues in Rendering Facilities |
There is a person to call at the Ministry of the Environment: Michael Stevenson 416 326-5582. While we are all concerned about Rail plans here is another serious environmental issues in the here and now. Robert

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smells bad right now

it's really really bad at this very particular moment...jesus christ

the smell is back

hi neighbors,

i've just moved to the this neighbourhood. this does smell really bad...realized the smell last week..did anyone else smell it?....let's complain

Oh it was horrible last

Oh it was horrible last week...coming out of the station you could smell it...i understand it's a place of employment but the days of industries in the middle of residential neighborhoods needs to be reconsidered...

Nitta odors supposed to be remedied

Hi Folks,
As of the meeting the other week Nitta is has been in place a technology to correct the smells. I have not smelled anything since last week, when it was installed so fingers are crossed that we might be at the end of this problem. I was the one who first started this thread (Aug 11, 2012) so I am hopeful that it over (but will update when more info is available). Robert

It's mid - June and the

It's mid - June and the filters must not be working.
Today the smell is terrible??!!

Yes, it was bad

The smell from the Nitta plant was as bad as it has ever been over the weekend.
I tried calling that number below (supervisor's) to see what's going on. Not much luck getting a hold of them, nor via email.
This is really unacceptable in a residential neighbourhood. It'd be nice not to have to rely on wind direction to hang out in the backyard!

update Jan 2013

new filters being installed but there is need for fine tuning as the smell persists at times (but at a lower level). Please do contact Michael Vieira, Constituency Assistant of the Office of Ana Bailão, City Councillor, (416) 338-5277. the more pressure the more likely this gets resolved.

Perhaps also try the MPP (Shein) since it's an MOE matter?

Perhaps also try the MPP (Shein) since it's an MOE matter?

nitta update

Two items.
1. Michael Vieira, Constituency Assistant of the Office of Ana Bailão, City Councillor, (416) 338-5277 has been really helpful and following thru on trying to get some improvements. Nice to see this.

2. I spoke to a Nitta supervisor, as did Michael, and he was was quite open. The supervisor even gave his cell number so we can reach him more easily: 416 873 1533. He explained that he's spoke with Mike and got call from Bayo's office. Had meeting yesterday on how to address this and came up with strategies to explore. Short-term: will investigate possibility of filtration as of next week. Long-term (months): scrubbing systems. They are supposed to install the new filters real soon.
So why the intensification of smells over last month? There is a new process that is causing the extra odors. It is a revenue-generating processing of protein and grease which used to be hauled away but is now processed in-house and sold to food/pet-food companies. The process can take 2-6 hours, and can happen at any time of the day. The are not sure about toxicity in the odors. [Not good I think] They did not do study of odor before installing the process. The process is a pilot for now as they investigate its worthwhileness. No, considerations of community had entered into the creation and implementation of the process but will now. Stopping the process is one of the options, but the ameliorative possibilities will be explored (filters etc).

He will send an email to Mr. Stevenson at Envir. Min. indicating that we talked and expects to get ok's from him.

Trying calling Ana's office to explain smell

I suggest you call Ana's office to explain exactly about the smell

Few years back Adam explained to a few of us that the smell comes when Can gel flushes their lines which go's into the City waste.

We were told it's all biodegradable animals parts. I guess after it is boiled. They company pay's a lo to flush it into the City system


I sent a message to her Ana's office (she is away until next week). Mike Stevenson of MOE - 416-326-5582 - did come around (left his card) when I was away.

Walking from Wallace to Paton

Walking from Wallace to Paton the other day was akin to walking along the stockyards...i thought i had literally stepped in something until i got into the're right besides the rail plan this has to be a priority...