Property Tax Reduction [Re: Nitta Gelatin Odour]

Hi Neighbours,

Due to the awful smell that is being generated by the Nitta factory, most of us are unable to enjoy the nice summer days out in our patios/yards (which are parts of our properties). With this restriction to enjoy our properties at their full compacities. Do you think this will be a good enough reason for us to all get togther and file a group request to the government to lower our property taxes. This serves two purposes. One, if the environment of ministry's pressure on Nitta is not good enough for it to act swiftly, maybe getting the CRA involved with added pressure on Nitta will result in someting positive. Two, we do have a legitimate reason here for CRA to consider lowering our property taxes with the simple fact that we can not even enjoy our own backyards on nice summer days because of this awful smell. If we can not enjoy it at all, then we shouldn't have to pay for it (property taxes). I feel like we may have a shot to make this case relevant if the number of requests is signicant. We can all save a few dollars, and we all welcome any source of added pressure on Nitta. What do you all think?

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i see. so there is nothing

i see. so there is nothing else we can do to get rid of this nasty smell...maybe i'll move out of the area soon if this smell does not go smells really really bad, and it was my fault for not realizing this smell prior to purchasing the new home...just sour!!!!

CRA does not manager property

CRA does not manager property taxes, they are managed by the city of Toronto, and the Ministry of the Environment is provincial so they would not be impacted by the city reducing your property taxes. The city of Toronto does have provisions for temporary property tax reductions when you can't make use of your home, but this is normally meant for people who's homes burn down of something similar, even then the reductions are generally not significant. I would also make the point that you are not charged property taxes for the use of your home, you are charged property taxes for city services like garbage pickup, use of streets, public transit, parks, fire department, police etc. I'm not clear that any of those services are impacted by the smell.

i have just filed a request

i have just filed a request to the corresponding office to review my property tax and potentially have it reduced. i cant wait to see what they say.