NOW Magazine covers the Glidden Paint cleanup

Wallace Ave. Brownfields: Looking north-east from the Wallace Ave. pedestrian bridge over the former Glidden Paint factory industrial lands.  They are currently being cleaned up of industrial contaminants.Wallace Ave. Brownfields: Looking north-east from the Wallace Ave. pedestrian bridge over the former Glidden Paint factory industrial lands. They are currently being cleaned up of industrial contaminants.

Today's edition of NOW magazine has a story about the Glidden Paint Factory cleanup on Wallace Ave next to the pedestrian bridge.

"For nine decades beginning in 1911, Glidden operated here, spilling untold amounts of solvents, chemicals with names too long to pronounce, with long-term health effects from exposure too scary to contemplate. The area, which forms part of the Junction Triangle, contains some of the most contaminated former industrial lands in the entire country."

You can read the entire article online at NOW Magazine's website.

If you would like more information about the cleanup efforts or to get involved with the Residents Association's Environment Committee, please contact us.


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its so sad how many employees

its so sad how many employees died because of glidden paints, my father was one of them. would love to get everyone who had family members that past away because of the chemicals from glidden paints and sue that company.

Work was dangerous

If you have any direct evidence of this please post. Otherwise dont post anecdotal conjecture. Of course many of the plants around here were dangerous places to work and some of them utilized dangerous chemicals. It was not until the 1980's that industry in general began to create cleaner work places. Prior to Glidden our area was saturated with coal and heavy oil companies which must have been horrible places to work from a health point of view.But its important not to needlessly worry people or create myths about things in the past. I am in no way doubting your premise and am sorry for your loss. But if you have any data I would love to see it.

looking for

looking for any glidden employes or family member

My husband Frank mixed paint

My husband Frank mixed paint at Glidden for 16 years. His funeral is tomorrow. He died of pancreatic cancer.

Glidden Paints destroyed the life of many employees

I just want to share that I used to live in the area and my father worked for Glidden Paints at the Wallace Ave. site. He and his friends developed tumors, cancers and kidney disease years later. The only staff that made it alive were the ones that quit the plant!

Glidden Paints was not socially responsible and closed down the plant because they could not deal with the excessive mess they created. The owners were cowards without a conscience. They destroyed the lives of many innocent people and I think everyone living in the area should know how badly the land must be contaminated. After all, it has killed many of people I know personally who worked there.

Think about it!

Enzo's story has a few

Enzo's story has a few inaccuracies in it and for the record some people like myself, who live one block away actually had a Bio Genie rep come to my house 2 years ago when I had questions and provided me with reams of info from MOE and Glidden. I was able to contact Glidden directly with concerns. I cant say what happened to every house but Bio Genie sent info out 2 years ago, I have the documents. So Bev's version of events may not reflect everybody's version of events.

For years toxic waste has been sitting in the ground. Now that waste will be cleaned up (or what is left of it) in a responsible green fashion and that is a good thing. I totally agree that people need to be notified and aware of any concerns during the remediation process but lets not lets not loose sight of the positive in this story.

scottd - I could not agree

scottd - I could not agree more!