Ana Bailão: Toronto city councillor charged with impaired driving


"Bailao was pulled over by 14 division officers at Bathurst and Harbord Sts. at approximately 1:47 a.m."


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Ana Bailao pleads guilty

Ana Bailao held a press conference this afternoon to announce she has pled guilty to drunk driving charges. You can read about it here on the CBC or in the Toronto Sun, which has some quotes from Ana in Don Peat's Twitter feed.

To sum it up, she can't drive for a year and has to pay a $1000 fine.


I have been to parties where the punch bowl was spiked unkowingly with alcohol

If people do not tow the political line at city hall could this not be an attempt to oust polititians?

forget that civil servants are now above any reproach by any polititian at toronto city hall!!!!

maybe this is a new method of control for city politics/ invite them to your ball

keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

How many liquour candies does it take to get drunk?


I don't want to really comment on Ana's case specifically, as that's really up to the legal process to decide at this point (and various pundits have given so many opinions already).... but to refer to a few of your points:

Honestly, I would highly doubt this is a conspiracy. That seems pretty far-fetched. Even if someone is unknowingly served alcohol (or other drugs) you would expect that the person would notice their own impairment and take the appropriate action.

Also civil servants are not above any reproach. Don't you remember what just happened to TTC chief general manager Gary Webster earlier this year? He was even fired without cause (literally).

It would take a heck of alot of liquor candies to get drunk, especially over the course of an evening. You'd probably get seriously ill from all the sugar and other junk long before you got drunk. It might be kind of hilarious to see someone try this though.

I think people make a lot of

I think people make a lot of assumptions about those who get nabbed for drinking and driving ie that they are alcoholics. I have never seen her falling down drunk or heard any rumours about drinking problems. It really doesn't take much alcohol to put you over the top -- very little actually. I would be interested to know how many drinks she had over what period of time. I feel bad for her. Sad, humiliating, political fallout.

I don't want to make this a tick for Tack, BUT

I don't want to make this to be a Tick for Tack exchange. But, Yes you did live in ward18/Perth when Adam was Councillor. You, me and many others helped with Saving the Boys and Girls Club on Randolph.

Yes you were here when they had Fuzzy Boundaries,re-naming Junctin Triangle.

I remember you and your wife when I organized the Holly Joes Vigil when Adam was councillor.

Listen let's don't push Ana under the bus to quickly. People make mistakes, serious one like driving drunk. She has done a lot for this ward. If she keeps making stupid descision like driving drunk ,then I wil jump on her as well, let her have the day in court. JF

Jeff is a Very Common Name

Jack, with all due respect, I believe you're starting an argument with a totally different person named Jeff. Jeff is a very, very common name. Within the thousands that live in Ward 18 and within the JT, I can safely assume there will be hundreds of men named Jeff.

I think the real James can speak for himself

No I am not starting anything, but you are.

I think the real Jeff can respond in due time. J

Listen to Irmina

Jack - you've got the wrong Jeff.

I moved here in early 2011 and I'm entitled to dislike Ana Bailao. I was a renter before in Trinity-Spadina and didn't take an interest in municipal politics until I became a homeowner here in the Junction Triangle last year.

I stand by my previous comments, regardless of who you think I am. I may have voted in the 2010 election in a different ward, but Ana is my councillor now and I'm not particularly fond of her politics and personal behaviour lately.

What about the Geoffs?

From now on I wish to be known as Geoff just to make things more confusing!

[Vic adds: OK everyone, let's stay on topic and end the who's who talk. Code of Conduct.]

I believe an article

I believe an article mentioned she was coming from Ford's ball for the Arts...alcohol and Ford never mix???

She released a statement to

She released a statement to the media.

I can confirm that on October 16, I was charged with impaired driving.

This situation is regrettable. I have been advised by my legal counsel that because this matter is before the courts that I have no further comment.

I wonder what this means for her political career. On one hand, we have a mayor who's done similar and much, much worse. On the other hand, how can anyone trust her?

I attached a Verse for you Jeff

"Let him who is without sin cast the stone"

Let's not be to hasty in judging her , she has done a lot for Ward18. I didn't hear you judge Adam when he was using his office for other then politics and and committing adultery. I din't him support Adam because with him it was one thing after another.

We should be supporting her instead. I know you are upset about the bike lanes. I think it's better to let it ride. J

I don't recall casting

I don't recall casting stones. I asked a question and stated a couple valid points. That being said, I've never been arrested or even pulled over, so I guess I am without sin when it comes to driving and the law.

You didn't hear me complaining about Adam Giambrone because I didn't live in ward 18 when he was a councillor.

I am annoyed by her decision to flip flop regarding the Jarvis lanes. Her response to people who emailed her about her vote to remove the lanes was concluded with the following statement,

"As with all matters of safety, this is an issue that people feel a strong personal connection to. I appreciate your passionate response and will continue to advocate for improved cycling infrastructure and decisions that promote safety and accessibility."

Why would someone who's committed to safety drive drunk? I'm not going to support her but I doubt it matters. She's pretty good at staying out of the news and I imagine this issue will disappear for her until her court date.