Green Line Ideas Competition

The following note comes from Victoria at Davenport MPP Jonah Schein's office. Although this "Green Line" would be just slightly outside the Junction Triangle, so of you may be interested in the idea (I certainly am).


Last week Helena Grdadolnik, with the Davenport Neighbourhood Resident's Association is developing a community project called the Green Line Ideas Competition. The competition will contribute to a vision for the public use of a hydro corridor/green space from Landsdowne and Davenport to Spadina, north of Dupont.

Helena has received support for the project from the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Association of Architects, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the Toronto Society of Architects and Spacing Magazine.

I told Helena that I would share this information with some active community members near the hydro corridor. Please get in touch with Helena if you are interested in this project. She is available by phone at 416 901 8055 and by email at


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Green Line - Shawn Micallef and Spacing

This may be interesting to follow:

"Follow Shawn Micallef for the next few days here on Spacing as he strolls the Green Line, a five kilometre-long hydro corridor that passes through midtown Toronto between Davenport and Dupont roads. Shawn will cross a variety of neighbourhoods and landmarks as he follows the power lines from Davenport Village to the Annex. It's a great route through Toronto now, but as you'll see, there is lots of potential for it can be much better."