Stroller friendly cafes?


I am a new mom adjusting to life at home with baby. I've been exploring the Triangle and the Junction with new eyes and new needs. I haven't yet found a cafe that's stroller friendly: where I feel I could spend some time when I need to get out of the house. By stroller friendly I mean that it has a ramp or street level access, a door that's easy to get through, enough space inside to tuck a stroller somewhere and if there's music it isn't too loud for baby's ears.

Suggestions appreciated!

Osler K8

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cafe con leche

they have put in a ramp for easier access as well. and if they see you coming they will gladly open the door for you!

Angel's is stroller-friendly

Angel's Cafe at Symington and Wallace is stroller-friendly. No stairs/ramp required, and lots of space to bring a stroller in.

Unfortunately only open on weekends now...but it's worth going for empanadas.


It's not really in the JT but

It's not really in the JT but the Sovereign on Dufferin and Davenport would be ideal...heck the people there even open up the door when I come in with my stroller!