Construction at Bloor GO Station

GO Train at Bloor StationGO Train at Bloor Station

Information from Metrolinx / GO Transit. You can download PDF copes of this flyer in English and French.

The Georgetown South (GTS) Project will provide infrastructure improvements to meet existing GO Transit ridership demand and future growth. It will also accommodate the new Union Pearson Express (formerly known as the Air Rail Link) service between Union Station and Pearson International Airport. This project is one of the key elements of The Big Move.

Bloor GO Station Construction Work begins January 28

What we are doing

  • We are extending the existing north platform towards Ernest Avenue.
  • This first phase of work involves utility relocation and installation of a shoring wall through the use of augured piles. We will also install construction hoarding along our property line adjacent to the West Toronto Railpath.
  • After construction is fully complete in 2014, the new Bloor GO/UP Express station will be fully accessible with the following customer amenities:
    • A new ticket sales and customer service booth;
    • A platform snowmelt system;
    • Platform canopies;
    • New bike racks;
    • Station and train information boards;
    • New pedestrian tunnels with enhanced lighting and CCTV cameras;
    • New platform access from the West Toronto Railpath.

How this will affect you

  • The regular work hours are Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The majority of construction will take place within the rail corridor (outlined in red on the picture). Construction vehicles will use Dundas Street West to enter and exit the work site.
  • There will be some dust and construction noise associated with this work.
  • We will be continuously monitoring noise and vibration levels.

Thank you for your patience as we improve Bloor Station

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Is this why they are cutting trees on the Railpath?

I know they are just garbage weed trees, but they were nice to have around, and were at least a nice median of foliage - with leaves and some shade in the summer. Or is this a part of the impending huge wall of separation that is going up because of the noisy diesel? Either way - it's a bit of a shame, and I'm fearful and that we are losing some enjoyable and valuable components on our path with these continued Metrolinx changes.

Train corridor trees

The wall itself shouldn't take up that much space. The trees are coming down because they are filling up the corridor with more tracks. The easternmost tracks will be almost right up against the Railpath (see the new bridges at Bloor and Dupont - right next to RP).

Also, they're not cutting any trees on the Railpath itself (or at least they shouldn't be!!). Any tree loss should be within their own property on the rail corridor.

I will definitely miss the foliage in the rail corridor though. Here's what it looked like in October 2009:

Well that's what I meant...

If the trees are one side of the fence or the other - if they are close, it provides the same effect for those who enjoy the path, really. Still a shame, I think...