Ana Bailao's Metrolinx Sound Wall Community Consultation

From Ward 18 Councillor Ana Bailao's office.

It's important to note that this meeting is being organized by Ward 18 city councillor Ana Bailao and not Metrolinx. Metrolinx are holding their own meeting on this topic later in the month (February 21).

You can download a PDF copy of this announcement here.

Dear Residents,

I am holding a public meeting on the issue of the large sound walls, which Metrolinx has determined will be installed next to the West Toronto Railpath in Ward 18.

Our community should be well-informed and able to exert positive influence on Metrolinx decisions that affect us. For these reasons I ask you to join me and members of our community for a presentation and discussion on Thursday, February 7th, 6:30PM at St. Josaphat Ukrainian Cathedral (143 Franklin Ave).

Please review the attached flyer and contact my office if you have any questions or concerns.

I look forward to a strong community turnout for this meeting.


Ana Bailão
City Councillor
Ward 18, Davenport (416) 392-7012

There is also a Facebook Event page here.

Noise Wall Plan: You can download a PDF document of Metrolinx's noise wall plan here:
An important note about this plan: The first part of the plan is for an early "2015 opening day" noise wall. Later in the document they show the full build-out, starting on Page 46. You can see the impact on the Junction Triangle starting on Page 57.

Metrolinx Community Meeting.pdf209.12 KB


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Train News

There was a lot of interesting train news last week. We learned that the seats on the new Tier 4 diesel trains Metrolinx is purchasing for the Union-Pearson Express failed their crash tests. We got an update on the Clean Train Coalition legal tussle with the aforementioned rail agency, learned that they’re doing it in Latvia (converting their entire rail system to electric) and got details of Montreal’s regional rail authority trying to keep their electrification study secret.

You can find all the train news plus our letter to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on the Junction Triangle Rail Committee Facebook page. Please join us.


West Bend not keen on walls

Our easterly neighbours on the other side of Dundas "The West Bend" group are not ken on walls either. This is their Q&A on the topic.

You have the responsibility to find out for yourself...

Have you EVER checked the Metrolinx site or looked in the METRO paper on your commute to work? No, you probably DRIVE to work - creating at least five times the co2 emissions and forty times the particulate matter as a Tier 4 train!
Metrolinx has been posting on their site and in the paper regularly about meetings and information sessions, tours and opportunities to give opinions in writing. I've done so - and I'm supportive of it. I moved to the junction triangle so that I could stop using my car or a taxi to get to the airport - and I cannot wait for it to be in place! I wish I didn't have to.
You could have been involved years ago in the project but you didn't really care - because you probably just moved into the area - and ya dint seee da twain twacks... Go back to your cave and stay there. Progess is a good thing.

Just remember that the Mt St

Just remember that the Mt St Helen's eruption put out more particulate and SOx emissions than all cars...ever...

What is your point?

So we should not care about adding further pollution to the air? Is that your point?

For the record the USGS states clearly that volcanoes are a minor contributor to air pollution and greenhouse gases compared to human activity.

That's really aggressive and rude

Hey Danielle - go back and re-read what you wrote. Is that really how you talk to people? I haven't met any neighbours in the JT who address one another like that, even if they don't agree with them. I'm not going to even address this post other than say that we need to be a little more congenial, even if you feel safe in being rude in an online format. No one here is "stupid" - we just all have concerns, and perhaps some heard about meetings, and some didn't but we are all neighbours in this - many of which are supporters of transit - maybe just not big walls and diesel trains. Be nice - it'll get us all further here...

Opposition to diesel has been

Opposition to diesel has been going on in this area for over 5 years. Many folks here have attended over 25 Metrolinx meetings.

Whether you drive to work or not Metrolinx is adding additional pollution to the area. No matter what happens diesel and its infrastructure will never get greener whereas an electric system can.

If you are really interested in congestion then you will note that the diesel airport link only has 2 stops unlike an electric system which according to Metrolinx's own data would have more stops, more revenue, and serve more people; possibly becoming a DRL that transit experts agree we all need. The airport link is bad planning.

You seem very uninformed about the issue and transit issues in general and many of the people who are interested in this issue have devoted many hours of time and met with Metrolinx many times in forming their view. Many of our residents have researched and talked with experts on these issues including Toronto's Medical Officer of Health who is against diesel and long time transit expert Steve Munro who thinks electric would be a better transit choice.

Maybe you might want to read the 2012 Auditor Generals report where he cites the airport link as having no business plan and being unable to even break even in its current diesel configuration. If you calmed down you might realize that people who think the diesel airport link is a joke are actually asking for MORE trains of the electric variety for a truly cost effective and comprehensive transit solution for the west end.

And speaking of caves, diesel is dinosaur technology compared to what other cities like Vancouver have.

Two topics being mixed up...

I think there's some confusion here: The comments you're replying to are about the lack of public consultation regarding changes to the Wallace Ave. bridge. I really should move that discussion into it's own forum, as it's getting jumbled into this unrelated train wall topic.

NOTE: I have moved the discussion of the Wallace Ave. Footbridge to it's own forum.

That's really disappointing

Nothing like large walls of separation to ghettoize a neighbourhood - and a nice BIIIIIG stretch of wall for garbage tag graffiti. When is the next neighbourhood meeting on this - this will not be good for the neighbourhood's property values, that's for sure.

Disappointing Train News

Just received a letter from the Minister of Transportation Bob Chiarelli indicating that the government intends to proceed with the Metrolinx Full Build Noise Wall Plan despite the strong objections of area residents all along the rail corridor. A copy of the letter will be posted shortly, but the key sentence reads "If Metrolinx is unable to address reasonable community issues, then it will revisit the decision to install Full Build noise mitigation (sound walls) for 2015, which will be done through further consultation with community stakeholders."

"Consultation" with Metrolinx

"Consultation" with Metrolinx is a one sided affair. Our democracy deserves better.

Wall - Full Build

Metrolinx changed their building plans after this document was posted. They are moving ahead now with their Full Build plan. They intend to construct five metre tall Noise Walls on both sides of the tracks across large sections of the rail corridor including our neighbourhood.

Noise wall plan

I added a link to Metrolinx's noise wall plan to this post. Grab it here:

An important note about this plan: The first part of the plan is for an early "2015 opening day" noise wall. Later in the document they show the full build-out, starting on Page 46. You can see the impact on the Junction Triangle starting on Page 57.