Rally in support of Bill 56

Local resident Jack Fava and MPP Tony Ruprecht have organized a march/rally in our neighbourhood on Saturday March 21st in support of provincial Bill 56, Unlawful Firearms in Vehicles Act, 2008.

Bill 56 is, "An Act to amend the Highway Traffic Act and the Civil Remedies Act, 2001 to promote public safety and suppress conditions leading to crime by prohibiting driving on the highway in a motor vehicle in which there is an unlawfully possessed firearm". You can read all of the details of this act, debates about it, and more on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario's website.

Details of the rally are in the attached flyer.

Bill56.pdf59.32 KB


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This Bill is a PR stunt

This bill wont hold up under the Charter of Rights because there are aspects that lack due process. The reason that some people are pushing (under the umbrella of provincial law) it because our Federal Government, those with the actual power to change the criminal code, don't want to ban handguns even though they have only one purpose.

The problem lies in with the Harper government. This story is the Star shows the kind of mindset of the Harper Government:


Remember this story the next time you vote for the supposed "law and order" Conservative Party. I would add that this bill is pretty cosmetic and will do nothing to stop criminals from using handguns.