French immersion schools with approx 1.6km walking distance

French immersion schools with approx 1.6km walking distance

More info about French Immersion at Perth Ave. P.S. here:


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French Immersion at perth

I wasn't able to attend the meeting, but I am definitely interested and in support of a FI program at Perth. If there are more meetings or anything I can do to help, please keep me posted.

Thanks. Holly

French Immersion Never Gonna Happen

After wasting a lot people's time over a couple of years, the school board finally said there is not enough room at Perth Public School for French Immersion. A very frustrating experience and one that leaves the re-election of the School Board Trustee in serious doubt. She was a bystander in the process and of no real help in the end.

French Immersion Coming to Perth Public School Sept/2014

Here is some news sure to make parents in the Junction Triangle happy. French Immersion is coming to Perth Public School starting this September! The program will be offered to children starting in Senior Kindergarden. Kudos to School Board Trustee Maria Rodrigues her tenacity in bringing this long sought after program to our neighbourhood. A formal announcement and more details are coming soon.

Need New School Trustee

School Trustee Maria Rodrigues is a joke. I have left messages with her and emailed her over the past term and she has never called me back or emailed me.

Seriously our area needs better representation than this and I encourage somebody who cares to run.

I have also sent emails to

I have also sent emails to this school trustee in the past and received no response. It is as though she is enjoying the cushy position without any of the work. She is also solidly rooted in the Conservative Party which does not promote much of the public good, so I am not anticipating any groundbreaking support from her. The Regal Road are and Roncesvalles areas are both affluent areas; it would be nice to have the Junction Triangle also have more options and opportunities for our kids within the community.

Maria Rodrigues

I think you may be confusing Maria Rodrigues (school trustee) with Theresa Rodrigues (Davenport federal Conservative candidate). I'm pretty sure Maria is an NDP'er, at least going by who some of her supporters were in the last election.