Favourite things in our neighbourhood

I'm somewhat new to the neighbourhood. Just moved here in April 2007. I think it's a great place so far, and I've been enjoying living here. Always meeting new people and finding out great new things happening locally.

What are your favourite things in our neighbourhood?

Some of mine, in no particular order are:

  • The Wallace Ave bridge over the railway tracks. Love the view from up there.
  • Campbell Park
  • The smell of the Nestle chocolate factory
  • Yasi's Place restaurant at Wallace and Campbell
  • Arduino's market at Symington and Ernest
  • Being able to walk to the subway, stores, and other places that are so close.

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B&G Club threads moved to their own forum

Please note: I have moved the comments about the Boys & Girls Club to their own forum topic. They were off-topic here. Here's the new link for all followups on that issue:

Favourite things in our neighbourhood

I have a few oldies and new ones:
Wallace Emerson's Community Pool (closed)
Campbell Park
High Park
Joe Mercury (closed)
King Slice
Ali Baba's
West RailPath
West Toronto - Track
Ethnic peeps - very diverse
Perth Water Park
Two Beer Stores (Dundas + Symington)

Im sure there are several i'm missing. Hopefully this list grows and grows.


Yasi's Place reviewed on BlogTO

Replying to my own post from almost a year ago.... :)

Yasi's Place is still one of my favourite features of the neighbourhood. Today they received a great review on BlogTO:

WestToronto Rail Path;

Running down the west edge of this neighbourhood is the latest addition to the Toronto Cyling Network; the West TO Rail Path.
Beginning construction this year (some work has already been done on the Dupont Bridge crossover), this cycle/pedestrian/pathway/linear park should be nearing completion in the fall, and be completed early next year (if we all keep the presure on!).
For more information on this project go to www.RailPath.ca , or contact me.
Our long term plan for this new asset for the community is to make it into a park/event destination, by adding such things as a band shell, a skate board ramp facility, community gardens, an outdoor theatre facility, etc. over the next few years; so stay tuned, and be prepared to help.

Rail Path

This was posted on the West Toronto Rail Path email list today:

From Dave Nosella, Toronto Parks March 25, 08

“Our tender closed February 22nd, and after review, we are recommending award to the low bidder, Mopal Construction Ltd. A report will be going forward to Bid Committee shortly, and we will be executing a contract with Mopal probably towards the end of April. Construction should start early in May. The full scope of work will be awarded, thanks to some funding assistance from Transportation Division, although the timing of construction north of Dupont Street is still to be sorted out. Negotiations with Go Transit are ongoing regarding their potential use of the lands temporarily for trucking material off site from their rail grade separation project. Our work will start this spring regardless.

Anticipated completion of the project is June 2009.”

That's a bit slower than what was mentioned at the last public meeting, but I'm glad it's moving forward.