Campbell Saturday Supper with Campfire

This Week's Supper
EACH SATURDAY Suggested donation for entree plus salad: $5
organic kicking horse coffee, juice boxes, and pop available

Coffee or pop $1.00

Halal, Beef or Veggie Dogs: $1

(gluten-free dinner)

vMeat Meal:
Chicken Enchilada Lasagna,

Vegetarian Meal: Vegan Enchiladas,
with Salad
Dessert: deep-fried bananas with ice cream

The Campbell Park Community Supper with Campfire is tonight, June 15. 5:30-7pm with campfire.

Hope you can make it, and come by to check out the plants


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Saturday suppers at Campbell Park

Hi New to JT,

Yes, the Saturday suppers are every Saturday. menu changes every week. Marina often posts updates here to let us know what's on the menu, etc.


is the supper club still active?


Is the supper club still active? when is the next date?