Sharing Boundaries (Green Alternatives to Metrolinx Noise Wall)

Tuesday, June 25 - 7 p.m.
Perth Avenue Housing Co-Op
120 Perth Avenue (at Bloor)

A presentation by the award-winning architects Brown & Storey outlining a green alternative to the Metrolinx plan to build 16-feet high concrete noise walls through our neighbourhood next year. Q & A to follow. Free, All Welcome. Presented by the Junction Triangle Rail Committee.


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Thank You Davenport


If you are looking for reasons why Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have won re-election with a majority government, Davenport is clearly one of them. Voters returned to the Liberal fold with the election of Cristina Martins.

While we wish Cristina well, the Junction Triangle Rail Committee is sure the Premier must be looking for ways of saying thank you Davenport. We have written to Kathleen Wynne asking when she will honour her promise to electrify the rail corridor and if she will consider re-examining the need for noise walls with electric trains.

You can see the letter along with a bunch of other related news on our Facebook page Please join us!

Kevin Putnam
Junction Triangle Rail Committee

Interesting Images of Dundas Street West

Brown & Storey Architects have posted an interesting sequence of images of Dundas Street West from their upcoming presentation Sharing Boundaries. You can view the images here and see the complete presentation on Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. at the Perth Avenue Housing Co-Op.

I don't get it? Noise? Does

I don't get it? Noise? Does it matter? The trains go by and they purposly blow their horns!!!! Some louder than others. there is no grade? Seriously ? I have called and complained, they are still doing it :(

Train horns

I think all the additional train horns we hear right now are because of the construction at the Bloor GO station and the West Toronto Diamond (just north of Dupont). Basically, the whole stretch next to the JT is under construction. When the construction crews are on site, the trains blast way more warning horns when passing through. They also have people on-site blasting smaller hand-held air horns when trains are approaching to warn the workers (those horns are not nearly as loud as the train horns though).

I'd expect we'll be hearing plenty of horns over the next couple of years...