Events at Metropolis on Edwin


Does anyone know what the deal is with the parties / events at the Metropolis space on Edwin Ave? I talked once to the manager there when they hosted the beer festival and he told me that they were not going to host any more night events there. But then there was another party there just this past Thursday. The noise isn't horrible for me but I have houses buffering us from that building. However, I can't imagine what it's like for people living right next door or across the street. Anyone else have concerns with this?

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Can anyone report back on the

Can anyone report back on the meeting that was held to discuss the Metropolis factory? I wish Anna Bailao's team would have contacted the immediate neighbours to let them know this meeting was happening.

Just to let everyone know -

Just to let everyone know - there is a meeting scheduled with Ana Bailao to discuss the Metropolis issues. The meeting is going to be at the Perth/Dupont library at 1:00pm on Sept. 14. She has been in contact with them to discuss all the ongoing issues and she will be updating local residents at this meeting.

Re: Metropolis

I live on Edwin and I can tell you the noise, and herds of underage drunk kids flocking down my street in the middle of the night isn't something pleasant. The noise has been curbed somewhat as the police have been chronically called by the residents on the events. There seems to be a lack of respect for the people that live here. Rumor has it they will convert the space to a brunch type restaurant, I honestly hope they do, our community needs more classy places to gather rather then promoting drunkfests in the middle of the night.