Wallace & Symington sinkhole?

Road works has put a pilon in the middle of the intersection at Wallace and Symington Ave and seems to be doing nothing more than that. Are they waiting for a 168 bus to fall in the hole or some unsuspecting motorist/pedestrian. Some might argue it isn't that big but the whole road seems to be sloping into a larger hole. One would think they would re-route the bus to make sure or close off traffic to prevent the hole from spreading. I worry as I am 2 minutes on Wallace near the hole and catch the bus everyday and cross the intersection. As I am new to the area since July 2013 and don't know who to complain to, to get something done before it becomes a large sinkhole. Any advice and warning to anyone driving through here.

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Update from Transportation Services Staff

Hi Junction Triangle Community:

My office contacted Transportation Services Staff and requested an investigation and necessary action. We received a reply from the Field Investigator, saying:

"I've investigated this location and found a road cave-in approximately one and a half feet deep between two Maintenance hole at Wallace and Symington.St. I notified 311 and requested Water Section personnel to attend the site and investigate for a possible collapsed sewer with results going back to 311. Left area safe."

As further updates come through, I pass them along.


Ana Bailão
Toronto City Councillor
Ward 18, Davenport


Part of that sinkhole starts directly in front of my house and I am worried about it. Anything we can do so speed up any sort of maintenance? I'm not especially keen on the possibility of any part of my property disappearing into a giant hole in the road...

Bailao's office Re: Sinkhole

FYI.... Ana Baliao responded via Twitter:

Ana Bailao @Ward18AnaBailao
@jtriangle Thank you for calling this issue to my attention. Luis in my office is working with staff to see that it is addressed.


Haven't noticed this one myself yet, but I expect the City's aware if they stuck a cone there. They were pretty quick to close off and fix that last sinkhole on Symington south of Wallace (last year, I believe).

If you think it's degrading quickly, maybe give Councillor Bailao's office a call.