I was told that the former chicken place on Franklin is going to be a Starbucks. Is there any truth to this rumour? With the black siding on the windows, it would appear that might be a trademark Starbucks storefront. Can anyone confirm this?

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Dupont cafe

Something about that Dupont cafe ain't right. I have concrete words claiming various and many unpaid wages.
Quick open and shuts ain't good for the hood. Bad business ain't welcome.

I always wondered about that

I always wondered about that place. Walked by it many times but never did go in. Looked like from the outside a lot of work was done. Here's hoping that corner will be re-claimed and something sustainable will go there.

Early promise, quick fizzle

I ate lunch there a few times, and the food was actually quite good and nicely presented. The owners, though, seemed to have no idea how to launch a restaurant opening. The second time I went in there, everyone (cook, owner, sidekick) just looked surprised (and suspicious) that someone had come in for food. Weird vibe! Too bad for them. A business that resonates with the locals will do very well there. The neighbourhood is starting to hop! I totally agree, though, that we need fewer restaurant/bars and more things like a green grocer -- but who the hell is going to try to make a living off of that in this economy?

North Side

I am hearing that the Farmhouse folks are taking over the Dupont Bistro place at Franklin. This would be welcome in my mind. Looks like Dupont is finally coming to life. Now if somebody would open a fruit and vegetable store.

grocery store along Dupont and Symington

I did ask Sobeys if they would consider opening one in the vacant lot on the corner they said they would look into it and this was last year August 2013. More and more I seriously doubt this Metro will ever materialize at Lansdowne and Dupont I mean what's the attraction? unless they get rid of the twin towers and the Coffee Time this area will never improve or attract developers not seriously. The riff raff from the towers opposite are a scary bunch who hang outside all day not an attractive scene for anyone living or shopping around there unless you can ignore them. I don't even want to get off the bus on that street let alone that. So my idea of a Sobey's preferred over Metro is better than a tiny greengrocers as the Galleria Mall is a no way zone for me.


That corner has greatly improved over the last few years.

The attraction for Metro will be the hundreds of new units that will rise above it plus all the existing town homes to the north and the Chelsea lofts across the street. The trend is now to have more grocery stores in denser areas. With Boo Radleys and a new library 2 blocks west plus other new businesses brining Dupont to life Metro will do fine there.

Sadly the Galleria Mall seems stuck in internal squabbles and will sit there deteriorating until somebody in their ownership group comes to their senses.

The buildings near the Coffee

The buildings near the Coffee Time have gotten a lot better in recent years.
The Star wrote about them about 18 months ago.

Yes, I have been hearing the

Yes, I have been hearing the same things. In fact, my source(someone who is in the restaurant industry) claims that the Farmhouse people are taking over the spot on the south side of Franklin(which I speculated initially was to be a Starbucks) and making that into a bar/resto. And the Dupont Bistro is to be a trattoria with pizza and Italian fare...Dupont Bistro's owners also bought the spot on the south side of Franklin and went in to do work. It's a small space and would be better suited for a bar. Me thinks that's the one the Farmhouse people would covet as a spill over to their space and hold their guests there with drinks and small menu. We'll see but definitely exciting.

The liquor license

The liquor license application in the window says Zorra Bar and Grill. Does anyone know more?

Building Permit

The building permit records say Zoya Bar & Grill as well.
"Proposal for interior alterations to the basement and ground floor of existing mixed use building for a restaurant with 28 seats. "Zora Bar and Grill". "
I hope its more grill than bar.

More and more I'm hearing

More and more I'm hearing it's a Starbucks...a pizza place would be nice but it's too small of a for a grocer, that's what the chicken place on Perth used to be for quite a long time...those types of spots would be nice but really it's not a money making venture for anyone who's involved because it's long hours and hard work...unless it's a spot that has commercial whole foods etc

Doubt It

If you look at a map of Starbucks locations you can see that Dupont does not fit the bill for street traffic. I have been in the property and it did not look like a Starbucks layout.A Starbucks will cost over $450,00 to open as it must meet every chain standard to the last detail. You are more likely to see a Starbucks in a new location like in the new Metro where it would be a mini store as somebody else has suggested.

There are a quite a few successful fruit/veg stores all over like on Roncy (at least 4) and on Bloor at Dorval Road. Dupont may not be busy enough yet but a location in the light commercial space that will go up at the Wallace Bridge could be a go; it gets hundreds of people passing in each direction every day and is next to Railpath.

I guess we will have to wait

I guess we will have to wait and see but I was told by a pretty good source that Starbucks has looked at DuPont and this seems to fit

Anything but another BBQ

Anything but another BBQ Chicken or Dive Bar, please

Doubtfull on Starbucks

I am also a bit doubtful on a Starbucks at that location. Bloor street has a lot more food traffic. I dont think Dupont has enough, and the area is already pretty covered for coffee.
I think once the Metro & Shoppers Drug Mart go in at Lansdowne, there could potentially be enough traffic to have a Starbucks in that development.

Dupont and Franklin

The owners of Cafe Con Leche have been hearing for a while (via landlord's friends) that this is going to be a pizza place. Personally, I'd prefer that over a Starbucks.

I also agree with Scott. A good green grocer on Dupont would be fantastic. I hear the same thing from other people.

JT is a food desert

I dont think that corner is high traffic enough for a Starbucks. There isnt even one Starbucks on the busier streets that surround us.

What JT really needs is a place for fresh fruit and vegetables. We are in a food desert. Yes there will be a Metro coming but I think small venders have cheaper and better products.