Baguette and Co.

Anyone know about this new business at Dupont and Edwin? This corner should be changing a lot this summer. Any bets on the other 2-3 vacant storefronts at the corner?

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Baguette & Co. on BlogTO

Great writeup about Baguette & Co. on BlogTO today:

Love this place!

Yummy economically priced sandwiches! Delish!

Gardening store - is that confirmed?

Just wondering?

Urban Gardener

Confirmed by the sign up today

So will it be a fruit stand?

So will it be a fruit stand?

No, it's a garden boutique!

Hello from Urban Gardener!

We just came across this thread and wanted to say that we're not going to be a fruit stand -- but a garden boutique. We're a full-service landscaping company and the store will feature plants, garden supplies, and handcrafted artisan items. We're really excited to be in the neighborhood and we'll be opening April 2.

See you then!

So is this thread saying

So is this thread saying there is a sandwich place opening up(or has opened up) at Dupont and Edwin. Having been by that part so now am intrigued...

It is open

Baguette and Co already opened up

Thanks! I'll have to check

Thanks! I'll have to check that out...

Bagette and Co. is very cool,

Bagette and Co. is very cool, they have great Bánh mì at reasonable prices.

North corner of Dupont and Edwin will be a gardening store.

banh mi will be

banh mi will be great...better yet serve pho as well...i will for sure come by often..haha