New stop signs (Paton/Campbell) are not stopping traffic

New stop signs were recently installed at the intersection of Paton Road and Campbell Avenue for east-west traffic. This is a good thing, and it has been a long time coming: this route is frequently used by speeders as a short cut. The intersection is heavily used by children and families, often walking north to Perth Public School.

The problem is, for the most part, cars are not stopping. I have made multiple observances of cars speeding through the new stop signs since their installation. Perhaps it is because the signs are inset from the road and difficult to see?

So a "heads up" to those using this intersection and assuming cars will stop for you, your car, or your kids. I've submitted a complaint, we'll see what happens. The more the better.


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didn't stop

I didn't stop the first time at the Ruskin avenue location. There was no notification that new signs were put up and a pylon in the middle of the road. I would bet anyone not stopping is someone like myself who has gone through that intersection multiple times per day and wasn't expecting one.

Familiarity breeds complacency?

So you are saying that if you drive on the same street everyday you stop looking around? Given that there is a school right there that kind of scares me. Almost as much as the people who never stop at Perth Wallace.

By the way I was pretty sure that the 4 "new sign" signs went up at the same time and you can see the new stop signs as clear as a bell from a block away. The pylon has nothing to do with the stop signs.

Wasn't staring at the sky

Actually when I drive by that intersection I find it useful to look at the sidewalks and school bus stop for children trying to cross but if you prefer I start paying attention to objects 10 feet in the air on the opposite start of the street I'll do my best.

There are also new stop sings

There are also new stop sings on Ruskin Avenue where it meets with Edwin & Franklin Streets. They are all-way stops.