Is there a Facebook group for people in the community?


I live just south of Davenport and West of Symington, and have been here just over a year. I am looking to get more connected to my new community.

So, does anyone know if there is a Facebook group for anywhere near this area? As far South as Dundas West, and far West as Keele. A friend is part of a Seaton Village Facebook group, and it is such a great space for neighbours to build community in all sorts of ways!



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Facebook Groups

Hi Erika,

There's no general purpose Facebook group for the Junction Triangle, though there are groups for specific things like Perth Park, Carlton Park, the Junction Triangle Library Project, Junction Triangle Rail Committee, etc... The most active is Junction Triangle parents.

There's a Junction Triangle "page" but it's more for just posting stuff that comes up on this site. Not as useful as a group that can be a bit more interactive.

If you're north of the tracks, you may also want to look for stuff related to Carlton Village, but I don't think there's as much online presence.

Hope this helps a bit.