Bloor St. W. Bridge Rehabilitation Work - Spring 2014 to Early 2015

Flyer from Metrolinx. Click the image to download original PDF copy.

What’s happening

  • There will be sidewalk and lane restrictions on Bloor St. W. starting May 15 until early 2015 to rehabilitate the Bloor St. W. bridge between Dundas St. W. and Perth Ave. The existing bridge is about 90 years old and major rehabilitation work is required, including waterproofing, concrete and steel repairs, sandblasting and painting.
  • The work has to be carried out during this period as the tracks above the bridges are being temporarily diverted for the construction at the Bloor GO Station.

How this work will affect you

  • There will be three stages of lane closures required to complete this work and each stage will last for approximately three months.
  • Stage 1: Both westbound lanes will be closed and traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction using the eastbound lanes; the north sidewalk adjacent to the westbound lanes will be closed
  • Stage 2: Both eastbound and westbound will be reduced to one lane, with vehicles using the lanes closest to the curb side; both sidewalks will be open
  • Stage 3: Both eastbound lanes will be closed and traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction using the westbound lanes; the south sidewalk adjacent to the eastbound lanes will be closed
  • During sidewalk closures, pedestrians will be directed to cross the street at the nearest controlled intersection and use the sidewalk on the other side of the road.

Thank you for your continued patience.

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This will push more traffic

This will push more traffic up Symington & likely down Perth (namely during congestion times), for drivers trying to get around the construction.

It would be a good idea to increase child safety measures in our area ASAP, and in anticipation of the summer break.

I'm thinking more crossing guards, police presence at stop signs, speed limit enforcement, etc

Scott D, this might be the time to push through those traffic management planning measures the city has been looking at for our area.
Because these lane restrictions on Bloor, plus the EB/WB traffic moving more & more north from the Gardiner lane reductions (traffic creeping up to King>Queen>Dundas etc), could make for the prefect storm (sic)

This might be worth a discussion & call the Ana Bailao office.....


Fire Police Could be Affected


I suspect that Perth will become congested at all times as it is narrow and what would be considered light traffic on Bloor would be a lot on Perth.I think it will be 24 hours a day. I can recall that over the years transport trucks have tried to go around accidents on Bloor and then get stuck on our streets. Sadly for those on Symington it is the widest street in the community and will take the brunt.

Like most city changes they take time (and require polling which is underway in the community now). The advance green eastbound on Bloor at Symington and left turn restrictions onto Perth and a new crossing guard at Wallace and Perth are working their way through the system. I dont go a few days without getting a call from neighbours wanting this stuff done.

I did call Metrolinx about this because as it stands there is the real possibility that this traffic will jam the entire community, inhibit police and fire, and pose a risk to kids walking to school. This project could create traffic jams for a year so I am hoping that it is revealed before May 15 that there is some coherent plan that will control traffic levels. I was talking to some Perth folk yesterday and they are already annoyed with the cut through traffic up Perth so this could turn out to become a big issue.