Ward 18 All Candidates Sustainable Transportation Meeting

Ward 18 All Candidates Sustainable Transportation Meeting PosterWard 18 All Candidates Sustainable Transportation Meeting Poster

Walk! Cycle! Transit! Congestion!

Join in the conversation for Ward 18 Sustainable Transportation by attending an All Candidates meeting on October 8th, 2014 at the Bloor Gladstone Public Library from 6:30 until 8:30.

All candidates currently running for election in Ward 18 will be present to discuss their views and platforms. Please send questions for the candidates to ward18@cycleto.ca

Bloor Gladstone library is located at 1101 Bloor St West.

If you can't make the meeting, come join us after the meeting for a pint and discussion at "The Steady" 1051 Bloor St West.


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Hahaha.... Vic that post is

Hahaha.... Vic that post is almost too good to be real.

I hope Ana Bailao doesn't

I hope Ana Bailao doesn't win. She voted to remove the Jarvis lanes and some of the Dupont lanes, and has done absolutely nothing about extending the rail path.


And the award for not knowing what you are talking about goes to....."Anonymous".

I have been involved with Railpath for quite some time and have worked with Ana Bailao on a number of issues related to expansion. I think all stakeholders would agree that she has helped the process move along so that in 2016 we will have shovels in the ground. She has helped navigate the complicated relations with Metrolinx and we are in the preliminary stages of expanding north to St. Clair.

I find it somewhat amusing that 2 days before this post was put up Ana and Mike Layton were holding a public consultation on Sudbury street about Railpath attended by about 50 people. I would take a guess that since Ana has been in office we have had at least 40 meetings with her about Railpath.

If you are going to disparage people at least have your facts straight.


Anonymous postings should be eliminated from the site. It is too frequently abused by people who are unwilling to put their names to their ridiculous assertions.


The award for extremely late post-election comment goes to....