Railroad noise and vibration

Hi Neighbors,

I am considering renting in this area. I have just graduated from University and I am moving out. I have located a basement apartment for rent on Rankin Crescent, which is right next to the railroad. This is an "L" shaped crescent and the property I'm insterested in is on the "north south" facing part of the crescent which is directly next to the rail road (its backyard/garage is next to the railroad). Can anyone who lives on this street comment on the vibration and noise level from the trains? Thanks very much.

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Railroad noise and vibration

hi can anybody comment on this please? as well as the safety level in this area. any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance for your time

At this time most of the

At this time most of the train traffic is commuter, a few trains a day. This will increase some time in the next 10 years as GO plans more frequent service. I cant speak to the noise and vibration but people live there.

In terms of safety, all areas have crime. Crime in our area according to police stats has been going down every year for the past 15 years. I consider our area as safe as anywhere else.