Effect on foundation next to railroad

Hi All,

I am interested in a property in the Junction Triangle area. The property is next to the railroad. Our main concern is not the potential noise and vibration, but rather the effect it has on the foundation of the house over time. Will the constant rumbling/vibration damage the foundation of the house in the long run. Can long term owners of homes next to railroads comment on this? Thanks very much for your input. Cheers.

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yes I am interested also.

yes I am interested also. Can owners on Rankin Cresent please advise?

Trains effect on foundations

I don't live right next to any of the tracks, but there are some homes in the area that are very close, and are many decades old.....100+ years.

I haven't heard any stories about effects from the trains themselves, but when Metrolinx was doing the pile-driving for the West Toronto Diamond grade separation a few years ago, that caused some interesting problems in homes...

Probably not much to worry about, but I'm curious to hear from close-to-the-tracks neighbours too.