subway noise

Hi there. Recently moved into the area. Really liking it so far. One unexpected discovery is the noise/vibration I can hear/feel in our house from the passing subway trains (we live just north of Bloor). Though I expect to get used to it, I wanted to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. And if so, how have you dealt with it? Did you get used to it or did you do anything to help minimize the noise? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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we're right on top of the

we're right on top of the bloor line but can only really hear it go past while in our basement. we don't hear or feel it anywhere else in the house.

Subway noise

Thanks for the responses. We've lived here two weeks now and already we seem to be getting used to it!

Subway Noise

We also live just North of Bloor and hear the subway noise all the time. For the first week, I woke up at 6am with the first train and couldn't sleep in. Now, we hardly notice the noise at all and it never bothers us. You'll get used to it.

We live next to the CN line

We live next to the CN line and got use to the sound/vibration really quickly. We actually find it weird when we go away and there is no vibration.

subway noise

We hear the subway in our basement a little (Symington, between Rankin and Ernest). Hardly notice, really, but I'm sure it's louder closer to Bloor / Rankin.

Pretty much anyone I've ever talked to about subway or train noise says they get used to it and stop noticing.

Good luck.