Junction Triangle Population

Just crunching some numbers from the municipal election where there was a 65% turnout in Davenport. In the Junction Triangle, that's just the area between the tracks, there were 2796 votes cast. By my calculations that means there are APPROXIMATELY 4300 voting age adults living in the neighbourhood.
Following the Ward 18 Davenport 2011 census profile, around 14.1% of residents are age 17 or under. That's about 705 children and youth living in the Junction Triangle and brings our total population to APPROXIMATELY 5005 residents.

Kevin Putnam

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with the contamination found

with the contamination found in the lot that used to be owned by the TTC south of wallance on lansdowne, and the contamination that GE produces, is there any risk of living around the area?

Just think of the coming cars to the neighbourhood

With the new construction at Dupont and Lansdowne, coming to Campbell and Dupont, bottom of Edwin, the Church on Perth when those units are done, and the old Solways site - not to mention south of Bloor in the old factory area when that whole mega project gets some sort of approval?... Things around here are a gonna change, and thank god for transit and bikes - and walking!

construction start dates

Any idea as to when this construction is slated to start? And what exactly is happening along dupont?