Noise from the Rail Grade Separation Project (Part II)

We have reported on the GO Transit rail grade separation project in the past, but in the last few days it seems that members of the Junction community and their local politicians have been making their complaints known in a stronger way.

On the afternoon of Friday March 27th there was a rally on Hook Ave., where residents along with Parkdale - High Park MPP Cherie DiNovo demonstrated against the excessive noise of the pile driving.

The CBC and the Toronto Star both reported on the rally and the noise issues, as did the Junctioneer blog.

This morning, Monday March 30th, CityNews featured this story on Breakfast Television and broadcast the construction noise on live TV.

The ongoing noise from the pile driving, which may take up to 16 months, affects people on "our side of the tracks" as much as it does the people in The Junction. However, I haven't heard as many complaints from residents here, or action from any levels of government. In Parkdale - High Park, MP Gerrard Kennedy, MPP Cheri DiNovo and Councillor Gord Perks have all sent around information about this project and tried to get the noise issues resolved.

Residents of Hook Ave. have started a discussion list about the piling noise. This is probably the best place to get the most recent updates on the issue.


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