Pedestrian bridge near Automotive Tower?


The renovation of the Automotive Tower is getting going and it looks like other site prep for the first of the condos on the Castlepoint/Greybrook property is also starting up. Anyone know if there has ever been discussion of a pedestrian bridge across the tracks to make a connection to Dundas near the north end of Roncesvalles?

Either Morrow Avenue or Golden Avenue seem a logical connection...


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This idea has come up many

This idea has come up many times and the two problems are cost and space. By law the bridge would have to be compliant with accessibility needs plus the bridge would need to meet specs to accommodate electrification. Both of these would cost.

The accessibility design would require a fairly large footprint on either side as stairs are not enough. There is just simply not enough room on Golden etc to do this.

There have also been suggestions of a bridge the other way over to Dublin Ave but again the issue is footprint.

I suspect that one day there will be a bridge when the population gets so great that there is political numbers to demand it.

Joe I don't know what irked

Joe I don't know what irked you to answer in such manner. It was a legitimate question.
The answer is yes there was some talk about it , during the Castlepoint community consultations, but it was always viewed as too costly and not very important. The truth is that South Perth residents had to pick their battles, and being a fairly small and compliant group, lost many chances to better advocate for South Perth. Having a bridge that connects this neighbourhood to the Roncie/Loblaw's is not just a matter of convenience. Decreasing car use in this neighbourhood is something that we should all be advocating for .Lets not forget we have not just the fit and hip there are many elderly, and families with small children who can not navigate the tracks with ease.
To the original poster: Do welcome to the community!

Walk around buddy. The poor

Walk around buddy. The poor condo dwellers will just have to make-do. The majority of them are young and fit enough to walk / bike around the train tracks. Welcome to the neighborhood.