Campbell Park Opens As Temporary Dump Site

Email update regarding the opening of Campbell park for garbage from Adam Giambrone:

"Dear Residents,

I am writing to inform you that the City of Toronto will be opening a temporary garbage drop-off site at Campbell Park in our community, effective tomorrow, July 16th, 2009.

Campbell Park is located one block south of Dupont, one block east of Symington. This temporary drop-off site is being opened at this time because other drop-off sites are now full. This site will be open for residents to make drop-offs between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., seven days a week. The Campbell Park site will only stay open until it has reached a safe capacity, as determined by the Medical Officer of Health. This site will be located on a hard concrete surface within the outdoor skating rink area at the park, which will help ensure that this site is contained and can be easily cleaned once the labour disruption has ended.

I realize this news is upsetting to local residents, particularly those in the immediate vicinity of this site. Let me be clear that I do not want to see, nor does anyone want to see, temporary garbage drop off sites open up in our local parks. I have discussed your concerns about having one of these temporary sites in our neighbourhood with senior management. However, the current labour disruption has created extraordinary circumstances and these temporary sites are necessary to contain the garbage until the labour disruption is over and to ensure that proper health precautions can be taken to protect the public. The alternative would be for more and more garbage to build up in front of our homes, on our streets, in our laneways, and our other public spaces, with no possibility of ensuring pest control measures are taken, or any other public health precautions.

As most of you know, the City has now opened temporary drop-off sites like this one at a number of locations around the city for the duration of the labour disruption. All these sites, including at Campbell, have received approval from the provincial Ministry of the Environment for use as temporary garbage storage sites. Inspectors from Toronto Public Health monitor the sites on a daily basis. The locations will also be provided with professional pest and odour controls.

Pest control includes spraying and traps. The chemical in the spray is the same one used in shampoos to treat head lice and is half the concentration found in the shampoo. The sprays are quick-drying and are broken down by exposure to sunlight. The spray is applied directly to the garbage on site and there is minimal drifting of the spray. The bait in the traps is secured in locked, anchored and tamper-proof stations.

Toronto Public Health, Solid Waste Management and the pest control company are ensuring pest control measures are applied as safely as possible to protect the health of residents and pets. More information on the measures being use for pest control is available on the City's website at

When bringing waste to any drop-off site, the public should combine Green Bin materials with other garbage and ensure it is double-bagged and securely tied. Residents can also help elderly and disabled neighbours by offering to take their garbage to a drop-off site.

I appreciate the public's continued patience during this labour disruption. It has been an extremely difficult situation for everyone. Negotiations between the City and the two unions are continuing daily and are making progress. I hope that the situation will soon be resolved fairly for all parties and that the City services our community counts on can resume.

For any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 416-392-7012 or at My staff and I are working every day during the labour disruption and will be happy to assist you with your questions and concerns. You can also access a complete copy, updated daily, of the City of Toronto Contingency Plan during the labour disruption at

Yours truly,

Adam Giambrone
Toronto City Councillor
Ward 18-Davenport"


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Garbage Dump on Campbell Photos

Hi everyone,

I live on Campbell just below the park ... I also work as an independent photo journalist
I have been documenting the park and the garbage dump:

Hopefully NOW magazine will publish these photos when I submit them later this week.

Other Parks

While the kids can play in other parks, I'm guessing you keep your windows closed more often these days Martin. Thanks for the photos. Let's hope the disruption gets resolved soon.

Temp Dump Site

Blah blah blah - whatever, Giambrone's to busy worrying about his street cars. I wonder which pamphlet he copied and pasted from to make the newsletter. When are we going to see dump sites open in more affluent areas - thats a question I would liked answered.

City Halls a joke. Can't wait till we privatize this BS and Oust Miller. To Bad: November 2010 can't come any sooner. Hope the residence of Toronto don't suffer amnesia when the polls open.

Reduce and Recycle,

Short term vs long Term Issues

There are temporary dumps all over the city. In the more suburban parts there is more land so they can create larger dumps. Downtown where land is scarcer they are using smaller plots. Especially for downtown where many people do not have cars small dumps may be the best option for citizens. I am not sure what affluence has to do with things; I would hardly call Christie Pits a low income area, or even ours judging by recent house sale prices on Perth and McCaully.

I would have done this a different way but in the long term I don't think this is a big deal. Remember too that mediation generally benefits unions so forcing that means we will have a larger money shortfall and that means cut. Historically those cuts are made to Parks and Rec, Community Centres, and Arts/Culture. Forcing mediation may come back to haunt our public spaces in the long term, such as shutting down Campbell rink. To me protesting at Campbell park is not smart.

Of course I don't want to live near a dump but the planned 400 diesel trains EVERY DAY on the rail lines that surround us is a million times more dangerous than a pile of garbage left outside and sprayed for a month or two. I wouldn't mind seeing more of the hysterical people on TV talking about "environmental disasters" in Campbell Park out protesting a real environmental issue with the same gusto. Wonder why I never see them.

Does anyone know what time

Does anyone know what time the protest is on Thursday (July 16) night?!