Tower Automotive: What's Inside?

 The former Tower Automotive building on Sterling Rd., as seen from the West Toronto Railpath.    Photo by Vic Gedris, 2009-02-28.Tower Automotive, Sterling Rd.: As seen from the West Toronto Railpath. Photo by Vic Gedris, 2009-02-28.

Jonathan Castellino of BlogTO recently wrote an article / photo essay about the Tower Automotive site on Sterling Rd.

"Overlooking Toronto's junction[sic] rests the shell of Tower Automotive. Built in the first quarter of the 20th century, and closed in 2006, the former sheet-casting facility is currently being redeveloped into studio space. Thankfully, the tower itself--a 10-story building which no one in the neighbourhood can miss--as well as the facade of the low-lying former machining areas, will be preserved."

Although this building and surrounding grounds are fully secured right now, it has been a notable place for urban explorers to visit and photograph. It seems that Jonathan has visited many times, and has collected a great series of photos of the buildings' interiors, as well as the view from inside the tower.

I have always wondered what it looked like behind those walls, and what our neighbourhood, and the city beyond, looked like from the windows on the top floor. Perhaps someday I will be lucky enough to have a tour, but for now at least I can rely on some intrepid explorers' photos.

In addition to Jonathan's BlogTO article, here are a few other photo sets found online:


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