Putting a price on walkability

An intriguing new study suggests that people are willing to pay considerable premiums for houses in neighborhoods that are highly walkable — that is, where you can actually get to nearby stores, schools, and parks without having to hop in the car.


I thought this was interesting food for thought.

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Re: Walkability

My main reason I decided to stay in the area was to be close to my folks who live on St Clarens Ave. Second reason, it was the only place which was affordable in W1 or W2. East of Dufferin was not affordable. This was all in 2004/05, I can only imagine what affordability is like now.

Also, access to transit has always been important to me and and my parents. We lived on Gladstone before St Clarens and now I live on Perth. I've always lived one street east of a Subway stop - funny how life works out. I think for future these properties are a great investment or home to live, as they will likely hold some value due to the fact it is literally a hub location. Not many communities can boast they have access to TTC, GO, the waterfront and so many major street car lines. The rail path is just added bonus and enriches everyones life (in many different ways). I can only hope that it will be completed in the years (to Strachan Ave).

I've been living on my street for almost 5 years and I must say I love it. We were thinking about buying a car several years back, but decided against it, due to so much transit access. Money well saved, if you ask me and the quality of life is unbeatable.



Walkability, as well as access to transit were some of the main reasons why we moved to this neighbourhood.

Affordability was another reason. This was one of the few (perhaps the only?) places where we could afford to buy a house that was in the west end, not too far from downtown, near the subway, and walkable/bikeable to many destinations.

The Railpath has certainly increased the walkability and bikeability of this neighbourhood too. I wonder if real estate agents will start playing up on this. Not only has the Railpath improved walking and biking for residents of our 'hood, but it has even become a destination for people from outside.