Creative industries coming to Bloor-Lansdowne area

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One of the biggest changes to our neighbourhood over the next few years may be happening on Sterling Ave. Details about this can be found in this article in the Villager from February 21st.

Castlepoint Realty Partners, who purchased the property at 158 Sterling Ave. last year, is in negotiations with Pinewood Studios, billed as Europe's largest film studio. Its owners include world renowned filmmakers Sir Ridley Scott (Gladiator) and his brother Tony Scott (Top Gun).

"Castlepoint is in discussions with Pinewood Studios," confirmed Consultant Paul Pellegrini, "but nothing's been concluded."

Should the studio not become Castlepoint's main tenant, it will still continue with redevelopment and will seek businesses in the creative industry as tenants such as graphic arts, architecture, IT and recording studios, Pelligrini said.

Read the article for more.

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Of course IT can be a creative powers and runs all the non-linear edit systems and render farms and on and on.


IT a creative industry?..that's pushing it a bit. Hopefully Pinewood is a go.