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If you know of any community events happening in or around our neighbourhood, please let us know and we can add it to the calendar.

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Good Food Box

We've been getting the Good Food Box for a few months now. Always a pleasure!

I especially like getting new "interesting" things to eat, and that the GFB always includes recipes for the featured item that month. forgot to post your email address so that people can contact you. :)



Hello neighbours.
Are you looking for yummy fruits and veggies delivered practically to your door?
I live on Symington just north of Antler and every other Wednesday
"Good Food Box"es get dropped off here, and neighbours come and pick up their order.

You can order a small good food box for $12, a large one for $19, a small organic for $22 and a large organic
for $35.

You can find out more about FOODSHARE's Good Food Box program at

There is no long term commitment - you can try it for one week and see how it goes if you like??

Send me an email if you are interested - next deadline for ordering is April 23rd.

Enjoy the sunshine
p.s. Thanks Vic for setting up this site! I look forward to meeting more neighbours.