Illegal signs in our neighbourhood

The website has written a couple of articles about some of the illegal (and legal) billboards located in our neighbourhood:

Posted today:
Pillar Legalized at Dupont and Symington But Pattison has Another Problem Down the Street a followup to this article from last year:
Another Pattison Sign Built on the Sidewalk

This page mentions an illegal sign at Dupont and Perth.

What do you think of all these illegal advertising signs all over the neighbourhood and city?

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Illegal sign at Dupont and Campbell posted another article about the illegal sign at 1485 Dupont St:

illegal signs

THe more you read Rami's site the more you see where the problem lies, and it is at City. His recent legal victory over freedom to information was a victory for all citizens. A great site.

I complained about that pillar and it was moved back. Has anybody seen plans for the townhouses that I am told will go up there?

Ran> the Curves signs are the worst and when I am on the second floor of Whelan's I look out the window and wonder how they managed to stay.


Unfortunately I work for one of the big sign co's, not Pattison nor Astral. As for illegal signs in our area I can see big one. The biggest and uglest is on the Curves building west on Bloor. They have like (5) 10 x 20 boards hanging up there, looks awful...