Unknown Vandal Encourages Locals to Break Law

Signs Encourage StealingSigns Encourage Stealing

An unknown vandal(s) has been knowingly encouraging locals to break the law by placing signs in the area saying there is free topsoil available at a City worksite at the corner of Paton and Rankin.

The signs, with no affiliation or contact information are designed to make local residents think that there is free top soil for the taking which is not the case at all. In fact a few locals have innocently fallen for this hoax only to feel terrible about it later. At casual glance these signs look like the kind of handmade sign that a neighbour puts up to announce a yard sale or say its OK to take away an item that has been put out. No wonder a few people fell for it.

This is stealing and may seem like a great idea or a funny prank but everybody in the community pays in the end when people help themselves (or cowardly) encourage others to innocently help themselves to materials that belong to all of us. Every City department is under financial duress these days so taking supplies only makes it harder for them to pay for all their projects, in this case for the Parks Department.

The Police have been notified and they have taken some signs as evidence. If anybody sees the person(s) putting up these signs or recognizes the handwriting please contact 11 Division immediately.

Stealing from the Parks Department is pretty sad and an attack on the community. It also sets a bad example for youth. Lets hope the community and the Police can find this vandal (s).

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We Care and We're the Only Ones Who Care about You

Psst...hey John, it's us. You know us. We're the only ones that care about you. You know that. Everyone else thinks that your inconvenience of losing a parking space 6 feet from your house is selfish. They're just jealous of you and your parking spot because just about everyone in this area has trouble with parking in front of their homes. But not you and now the City's gone and ruined your great deal in a public space.

We're the only ones that care about your rat problem. You know that. We're the same see. We're all cut from the same cloth. These hippie liberal leftie tree huggers -- what are they vegetarians or maybe even vegans? What the f**k!? They don't care about your rat problem. Only we do. We care about you John. We care about you and the rest of this area. We've been fighting crime and poverty for over 20 years. We care -- only us. I'm sure if we asked those hippie liberal leftie tree huggers to help fight Giambrone's office to find a way to fill in that old tunnel, they'll just crawl away and ignore us because THEY are not like the rest of us. They're so selfish with their inclusive community garden arguments and talk of compromise.

Those hippie liberal leftie tree huggers -- you know the type -- they read Now Magazine and the Globe and Mail. They drink lattes and like to cycle on the bike path, they want to f**k up this place with their fancy gardening ideas and other projects they say will help this area. I just wish they'd leave us the hell alone. We'll now tell them that we vote Green Party, you see. Put them in a false sense of security. Then BAM,!! We'll hit them with double speak. Because you know, we're the only one who care about you John and this area. No else gives a sh*t but us. You know us. We care.

To anonymous. When you make

To anonymous. When you make fun of someone's anguish that shows your true intelligence. Perhaps show true empathy for John not make fun of him. If the wheels were turn in your corner, one morning a construction crew started digging up your corner of the street, and now that quite street is a mude field, tell me how would you feel. I know exactly how I would feel and react. It is so easy for you to mock John but in true reality your ignorance and stupidity shows your true colours. This isn't just about parking it is about the way Adam conducts business in the community. He listens in one ear and turns around and does what he wants. He tells you want you want to hear and them mocks you. A true con artist. He has stepped on to many toes in ward 18. So to say that John is perhaps over reacting?......I don't think so.



My Dearest Virgina, I wasn't

My Dearest Virgina,

I wasn't really mocking John, I was mocking yours and Jack's tactics at dividing this community by using people's insecurities for your own personal gain, under the guise of "caring". By John, thinking there was truth to the posting revealed more truth about what the two of you have most likely been saying to others and create an us v.s. them scenario.



Say what you want. This

Say what you want. This fight between Adam and John goes way before Jack or I got involved. John cotacted us. John has a mind and a mouth and he doesn't need anyone to tell him how he fells or not. In fact he gives us a good ear full. So us who you really are.

I think what Anonymous-2

I think what Anonymous-2 means by "personal gain" is this -- perhaps long ago you both started with pure hearts and did care about the area, but over the years it all feels like it has degenerated into the two of you fighting to keep your images as heroes of the community and in a way, a sense of local power. By disparaging other members of the community when they are also trying to make a better place to live for their children -- that doesn't always focus on crime and poverty -- there are other ways to help an area, people had to face your scorn and misinformation and playing on people's insecurities to divide us as a community.

you are so misguided. I

you are so misguided. I don't do this for what personal gain. I do care. You and I have never meet, so how can you judge me or Jack if you don't know us personally. If you truly knew me, you would not judge me as you have.

I'm curious

I'm really curious about something.
While you and your friend were having lunch with Adam and complaining about me because of initiating the Perth Festival to fund raise for the b/g in 2008, were you complaining about how he conducts business in the community?


next time

maybe you can put your name so i can thank you lol

John they are mocking you, don't listen

John, Don't listen to this. Take a break from SJT site.

dont worry jack

if these tree huggers dont put there name on what they write i know there cowards


What do you think these tree huggers are afraid of??

Looks like not much has changed

Since the last time I was hear. Same ol, Same Ol: New vs Old crap. Name calling, claims of hidden agenda etc etc.. list goes on.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything to add except the disappointment.


We know you

Why all of this beating around the bush??? Mr. Fava, you still need to go away. We all have seen you at your bullying best. Your "taxpayer, ratepayer" routine is lame. If you wish to debate then do so. It just seems that you are never able to during our meetings. You and your equally annoying partner have not earned anyone's respect and therefore will not receive any from this corner.
The fearmongering, crack & rats, is right up your alley.
Mr. Fava please remember, you do not, nor have you ever, represented me or my neighbours.
This is the next great little neighbourhood in the west end before Keele St. Let it grow without the screaming and yelling.

why so meen patsy

patsy does jack own you money or did he break a promise you know you should relax i know jack hes no bully if he was i think him and i would get along much better he just wants to be notified of whos screwing his neighbours i think he is to nice just count your blessings you dont deal with someone that bites back LETS GO JACK FAVA LOL

Sure trailer trash

You say to Mr Fava, you don't represent the community, neither do you. Look at your mouth and your own actions, before you point the finger at someone else. Talking about calling the kettle black. I don't know neither of you and don't want too either .

Green Goo, You ask "How do we

Green Goo,
You ask "How do we create an atmosphere that does not nurture a bully?" I'm sorry but the only OVERT bullying that I see on this page is by Patsy and her "wingnut" comment.

I can understand why many people like the idea of community gardens (personally, I'd like to see one in a park that's close to where I live). But I'm not so self-centred and arrogant as to think that everyone who doesn't agree with me is scum... or that it will be good for the neighborhood regardless of whether people have had a chance to voice their views and concerns.

It's not gardens that build communities... it's our attitude towards our neighbors that build communities. If we are not capable of showing respect and consideration to those we agree with as well as those we disagree with (and God knows I don't always agree with Jack), we are not building community. Those who champion green spaces or community gardens while telling their neighbors to "crawl under a rock" are not building community... they are preventing community from taking place.

But rather than call Patsy out on her vitriol, you actually defend her and go on to label the object of her scorn, Jack, as the bully. Hmmm. GreenGoo, in case the irony is lost on you, your comment is a perfect example of nurturing the bully (Patsy) -- whereby those on the sidelines join in against someone who has been targeted for social ostracism. It's classic schoolyard behaviour as any teacher knows.

So, to get back to your question about "How do we create an atmosphere that does not nurture a bully?" my suggestion is that you can start by not nurturing bullies who tell others to go crawl under a rock. That doesn't mean you have to agree with Jack or others, but telling people to crawl under a rock (or condoning such statements) is not appropriate.

Green Goo

I agree with Kristen both that extending the park is a good idea and on the importance of individuals representing themselves. I think a garden would be a great use of the space. The Wingnut note seemed a little over the top until I found the Sun article. I think the frustration is understandable. Oddly, given that he doesn't seem to make much sense, Fava might do better in a neighbourhood of crackheads. Them and journalists with tight deadlines who are unencumbered by an overexposure to, um, skule. With the Sun printing his hyperbole of rats and crackheads being attracted to a park I guess he's batting 500. I don't think it's a matter of left or right, this is a special case.
There is a matter of community discussions. People need to feel free represent themselves in an atmosphere accepting of contrary opinions and free of bullying. For that to work, the lubricant of creativity and social interaction become very important. People need to like each other enough to do the work of trying to understand things they don't at first agree with. I guess the question I am working around is this: How do we create an atmosphere that does not nurture a bully.

green space

I for one don't want anyone to crawl under a rock. But I would like to let it be known that I think extending the park is an excellent idea. If there are others who agree, it would be nice to hear about it, so we can start to get a real sense of what the community does or doesn't want. Sometimes the voices around here are very loud (the garbage strike is a good example) and for too long that has drowned out so many of us who have a different opinion.

A Tulip Garden

First of all people were jumping the wall while the road was paved so I can not see what the arguement for making it green is all about. Second, telling neighbours to help themselves to city property does not help lower the cost of the project. The top soil is in place, the road has been dug up and the new sidewalk has been laid. It looks beautiful!! We should now be looking at what to do with the space. One suggestion I have is to make it a memorial tulip garden for community members who have made a difference in our community. Plaques can be engraved through the Boys and Girls club. It would be a win-win situation. Any other suggestions?

Right Wingnuts

Message to Jack Fava :
Please crawl back under the rock. You in no way whatsoever represent the vast majority in the Triangle. Five months ago you and your fellow neighbourhood trash were frothing at the mouth screaming "save our park for the children!!!" Now, after much neighbourhood input and plenty of warning from the boogey man, Adam Giambrone, your and your stooges are again frothing at the mouth. However this time apparently, after seeking out right wing media, we have too much parkland!!! Make up your mind. Better still get a hobby. Your efforts at the grassroots level and attempts to remain in the limelite have caused much anger and division in what is for the most part a wonderful neighbourhood.
Sure we have some issues, drugs, hookers, neglected properties and so on. Your rantings however have NOTHING to do with improving our little pocket here. Instead of being able to debate your ideas (I have seen you at work during community consultations) where all you can do is scream and bully you run to lame media ( the Sun) to air your ridiculous rants.
Go away. You are stuck in another century you fool. Stop trying to be a neighbourhood saviour and stick to what you seem to know, whatever that is.

no class



This is one of the most silly things I have ever read. "Hippies"? "Kumbaya"? What year are you living in? Community gardens cause prostitution. Yeah right. Community Gardens are mainstream now. They exist everywhere already. But be honest John, you are a tenant in a one garage house and this is really about you being able to park 6 feet from your door correct? That's what you told me. You said you didnt want to have to walk more than 20 feet to your car. You said that in front of 3 people. Walk 21 feet, it will be good for you.

same tenant

your right im a tenant but i do live here i do pay rent i do pay for my parking permit i do have my rights hell i live i never said no to green space i did say no to vegatable garden i also said lets make this place safer for everyone NOW DO YOU REMEMBER ME SAYING THAT SCOTTY

Now Now Scott

When John and they family bought their home they were able to park their and now they can't and he does pay for this, it's called a parking permit, it's not for free. I think in all fairness ,I would react the same way, it has nothing to do with walking to your car. You were not a the meeting with John, Virginia and Adam. He promised John some parking space with the extension. now were's the beef.
You know parking is an issue in the hood. The stripe of street where I live on Symington, between Wallace and Paton/Ernest has no lane way, that's the way it was done back in the 1800's, some people want to put a driveway in the front of their homes and were told they can't. Now they pay for parking on the street, why can't they allow them to put a drive way, what's wrong with a littel bit convenience. I can see why John would be upset

Scott to be far to John. He

Scott to be far to John. He is the one who will have to live with what ever goes in front of his house. He has that ugly block that is closes off. It has stairs that goes into the tunnel. That tunnel gives you access to Lansdown. That tunnel is always flooded and when We meet with Adam in front of John's house Adam has told us that the city quit often pumps out the water. Now you know that stagnat water produces masquitoes, and in the summer it stinks. The ground around John's house is somewhat contaminated. The city has planted a tree on is lawn and they have had to replace it twice already because it dies. Let's show some empathy here. None of us knows the inpact on him or his family. Let's face it how many of us would like a park to be right up against your front lawn and have people sitting on a park bench and talking at all hours of the park....I know I wouldn't. Some of the residence who live across the street from Campbell Park have that same complaint.

Recognizing John's Contributions to the Community

John, your courage at chasing away hookers and drug dealers, picking up dirty needles and condoms should be acknowledged and commended. You helped make the area a better place to live. Are there still more hookers and drug dealers hanging around the park at night?

If there was a community garden planned, and so far there are no plans, just a proposal for community consultation, do you think a highly used space with zucchini and tomatoes growing would make the place less inviting for drug dealers or more inviting for them to use as a place of business?

As for rats, this is from the Humane Society:

Modify Their Habitat:
Good sanitation is the best and most economic way to control rats. Follow these steps to keep rats away or to keep their numbers in check:

  • Clear away any rubbish piled close to buildings to expose burrows and openings that rats might use to get in.
  • Store and dispose of garbage properly, so that rats can’t get into it.
  • If you feed your pets outside, leave the food out for just long enough to be eaten, and then remove it.
  • Clean up pet droppings from the yard every day.
  • Remove old wood or rubbish from the property since these are regular rat hangouts.

Community gardens have been around way before the '60s hippie culture. Community gardens during WWI and WWII were called Victory Gardens, and it was a way for people to reduce the pressure on the public food supply system because of the war.

From The American Community Garden Association (it also includes Canada): http://communitygarden.org/learn/

Benefits of Community Gardens:

  • Improves the quality of life for people in the garden
  • Provides a catalyst for neighborhood and community development
  • Stimulates Social Interaction
  • Encourages Self-Reliance
  • Beautifies Neighborhoods
  • Produces Nutritious Food
  • Reduces Family Food Budgets
  • Conserves Resources
  • Creates opportunity for recreation, exercise, therapy, and education
  • Reduces Crime
  • Preserves Green Space
  • Creates income opportunities and economic development
  • Reduces city heat from streets and parking lots
  • Provides opportunities for intergenerational and cross-cultural connections

I hope some of this information will help reduce some of the stress you may be feeling about your surroundings.


see for yourself

why dont you come here and show me how to control the rats from the tunnel and train tracks come show me how your veggatables will make it better what about the kids that dosent matter as long as you have your tomatoes who cares if kids played hockey or soccer or some learned to ride a bike there the money that was spent there could have made this place safer oh and i love comming home from work to the smell of horse crap mountains of it so you can have the garden we are living in the year 2009 not the 60s i dont get me wrong i love vegatables thats why i go to no frills price choppers metro lablaws im pretty sure no one pissed on the tomatoes or lettuce

Responding to Patsy????

It's funny how this went from residents wanting consulation as promised by Adam, to been a Tory thing. I think the family living next door to the dead end should and deserves a say to what is happening in their back yard, they are however tax payers, like many others. Many of us are laughing at the Toronto Sun article, I don't think any one at the park that day, when the Sun reporter was their, including our young people, a group of four 15 years olds, that you call trash, really care about Tory verses NDP. I myself, if you really want to know, supported the Green party the last federal election, not the Conservative, like many others in ward 18 done . But fuzzy( Kevin) decided it was good strategy to start this rumor, to me I think it was funny. Kevin wasn't even man enough to say he was from the Fuzzy group, instead he said he was with some Junction Triangle group. Many of us trash as you call us, come from country's who lived off the land by hunting, fishing,growing our own vegetables to survive, remember lot of them were kids from the second war and knew about surviving. My mother who is in her late 70's still grows her own garden every year since coming from europe in the 60's. So many of us do know about gardens, more then some of you.
Still some of us think a community garden in this certain location is not a good idea. Reasons:
1) Rats coming from the rail tracks and the under the rail path which is now closed,will become a problem. Many residents living on Rankin have experienced and still experiencing rat problems.
2) The garden is to close to the residence.
3) People are still scaling the wall who cross the track when coming from the otherside, will just attrack unwanted vistors.
4) Maybe grass, trees and scrubs will be a better choice then a garden
As ratepayers/taxpayers we have the right to our opinions and we don't needed to be dictated to. I don't care if you don't have respect for me, but al least have respect for the seniors and young people who are sharing their opinions. I don't think calling someone trash,when you don't even know them is really fair.

Time To Tell the Truth

Jack, who wrote the misinformation flyer about the expansion of the Erwin Krickhahn Park that was distributed to area homes on October 16th? see https://www.junctiontriangle.ca/node/497 Was the author a Conservative-Tory blogger and communications consultant who does contract work for the Privy Council office in Ottawa?
Did you receive "strategic" communications advice over the weekend about how to attack the Councillor from this consultant?
Did one of your close companions really say on the weekend "let's attack Giambrone like he has never been attacked before"?
Are you really considering running for Councillor in next year's municipal election? Failing that, will you run for School Board Trustee in next year's municipal election?
Of course, there is nothing wrong/illegal about taking advice from a Conservative-Tory blogger and communications consultant who does contract work for the Privy Council office in Ottawa, but if you are spreading misinformation in attempt just to smear the Councillor, you have a duty to let all area residents know that you have a political agenda and their interests are secondary to your goals and ambitions.
Try and be calm and let's avoid the name calling for a change.

lets get real

Kevin, so nice to see you in good form today. I hear you been saying nice things about me lately. Thanks for all the good words.
I have to say this much about Jack and his political ambitions. He has none. The last time we had municipal elections I had encouraged Jack to run for trustee, he declined. Others in the community have done the same with the same result. If he refused to run as trustee what makes you think he will run for council? And as for me...no way. I would rather be at this end thank you.
You keep referring to conservatinve-tory blogger. Who in the world is that? Not Jack or myself. We vote"Green" in all elections.
You must realize, that you must work with anyone who can help you achieve your goal. If that means working with Liberal, Conservative or NDP so be it. I get along very nicely with everyone. Even you.
You know I love you don't you. Love always.

You are parnoid

Kevin, I think the acid is wearing off. Wake up, the war is over. Who is feeding you this shit??? If I run for politics, who would keep the politician accountable

So That's A No?

You don't know who wrote the flyer? You didn't receive any communications advice from a Conservative-Tory blogger about how to attack the Councillor? One of your close companions didn't say let's attack the Councillor like he has never been attacked?

sick of this shit


You mean Hazel the Gardener?

You mean Hazel McCallion Mayor of Mississauga, such a well know gardener that a rose was named after her and who sponsors a yearly golf tournament that funds gardening initiatives? You mean the Mayor who along with a list of grade A sponsors from some of Canada's best known businesses supports community gardening and gardening as a teaching tool?


Yeah THAT Hazel.

If you want to go to Hazel's office and tell her you are against green space, be my guest.

And hello, no decision about gardens has been made, the promised community consultation has not happened, and there have been ideas expressed about moving a community garden further into the park, a compromise that in person you said you liked.

how close

dose she take away peoples parking space dose she take away places were kids play dose she put it close to peoples houses dose she lie about what kind of green space she wants

Gardens don't create or

Gardens don't create or attract rats any more than any other garbage does. I agree that that underpass was a stupid idea and should never have been built. Filling it in would be a great idea. It may have to anyway with the planned GO expansion on the Barrie line (Jack there is a future topic for you start planning about: a giant wall, a giant ditch, or the complete closure of Wallace). If there are rats, they already exist and probably like the garbage on the tracks at Wallace best.

Keeping an area clean is the first step in reducing mice rats and other critters. I am not picking on Rankin Street ( I have cleaned up garbage all over the area including some in front of my house) but I have noticed on the west side near Wallace there has been a pile of garbage for weeks. That will do more to bring vermin than any vegetable garden will; they love human garbage first. Step one in the battle of the critters is humans dealing with their own waste first. At Perth and Wallace there is an ongoing battle with somebody who leaves bags of garbage on the corner in the middle of the night.

If vermin was an issue why do you find community gardens in almost every community in every town and city? If gardens bring rats why do people have them in their backyards then?

I agree with you that a community garden, if thats what people want, should not be next to a persons house. In fact I think it would work far better if it ran north south along the east side of the park then the new green space would in fact increase the length of the park towards the houses which everybody would like. More green. In terms of people scaling the wall I don't see what the connection is. But if a future garden is put where I said this would not be an issue anyway.

In terms of being dictated to, you yourself posted on this site about the (then) upcoming Community Council meeting about creating more green and therefore where aware of it, had access to the background file and drawings and could have gone to the meeting to have your say or submitted a written letter. The public is allowed to speak and you or others had a chance to go. I have been to many CC meetings myself. Part of having a city government is so that staff can plan and move ahead. If every time a sidewalk was created or a tree planted you had to have the community consult on it then nothing would ever get done. A future garden has not been decided and a meeting has been planned as seen in the mailing that went to every house in this ward. When that meeting happens I will lobby for a garden but I will also lobby to have it in a better spot for the park design.

Lastly, when talking about respecting seniors, do you mean the seniors that started their own community garden a block away on rail land? The ones who would like more space for a proper garden where they can meet others in the community? By young people do you mean the ones from the public schools on Perth that already have field trips to the community garden north of Dupont or the Boys and Girls Club on Ernest who want their own plot near their own homes? Or maybe the youth that one day will be serviced by the new breakfast program which was advised by a poverty expert that community gardens help children learn and can feed them? Its worth noting that you marched in support of Christie Pits and Moss Park last summer, both of which have community gardens serving seniors, and those trying to get a leg up.If you are taking about seniors and youth, possibly at risk youth, then they probably are the ones with the most to gain based on what they say and what we see in other communities.

Scott D.

Let me try to respond from the end going to the beginning. Me marching for Christie Ptitts, Moss Park and Campbell park during the garbage strike, if that is what you are referring to. Is I was disgusted with the City and the Medical officer allowing pesticides to be sprayed and garbaging been dumped in parks. Pesticide is very harmful to seniors and yes, it was very close to gardens, who wants to eat vegs with pesticide laced on it. I didn't see to many from those who want to see more a green in the city or environmentalist or others screaming about the throwing of garbage and spraying of pesticide that was bad for the honey bees in our green spaces. Oh yes, supporting the union is far more important then the environment. All those who screams green, environmental and gardens all disappeared during the strike. Either you care about the environment or you don't.

It seems to me that their is consulation and information sharing done differently in this ward. Some people in this ward know more then others. I hear things from people about things that is happening in this ward, instead of hearing it from Adam office. That's his job, he works for us, we don't work for him. He needs to inform ALL residents in ward 18. I find that and you might not agree with me, but the reason we are in this mess to begin with is because of Adam. There are many in Toronto who feel very much like I do. Why do you think the NDP has not won a seat in Davenport and I told Peter this, if you want to win stay away from Adam. Many past loyal NDP supporters, not me, but past NDP supporters decided to vote Green instead, because of Adam. The numbers don't lie. We can go back and forth if you want ,but I don't want to. The residents have genuine concerns and Adam should listen to them. There are other stuff that has been shared by residents and Adam, which many of you don't know, so some are hearing only part of the story, it's in his court. He should have a meeting and really listen to what they have to say. Jack

Hi Jack People like me voted

Hi Jack

People like me voted with their garbage bags and filled the arena. That tells me what people in the area thought about the temporary dump. I am green and had no problem with it. In fact I thought it was a good visual wake up call for some people about reducing waste in the first place.

I don't think the City needs to consult on every single thing they do, especially getting rid of a piece of road smaller than my back yard (which is not very big). In terms of a community garden I am 100% with you that people should have a say in how their public space is used. We will have that and I know you will be there. But lets wait until that happens and see what everybody has to say instead of shaping the issue in advance. You already have met with Adam about it which more consultation than anybody else in the community has had. As you aware somebody has been trying to whip up a frenzy about this as if they were putting in a atomic plant or something. I have some compromise ideas that may appeal to you and I talked with the tenant John at the corner and he saw some wiggle room too so maybe everybody can be happy. I would hope that you too might have some compromise ideas as well. I think there is far broader support and more common interest than most realize.

In terms of all the NDP Adam stuff I have no idea and vote for different people depending on the election. This is not a political issue for me.

Let me clarify something

Let me clarify something right now, Jack didn't meet with Adam I did along with the person who's house is right next to the park expansion. Adam myself and this neighbour went to the site. This neighbour was pissed-off about this. I was there as a go between so there wouldn't be any foolishness happening....if you get my drift. We looked at many solutions to the problem. Adam agreed and nodded politely with sugestions I made in attemps to appease this resident. In Adams words "I was going to have a consultation with residence in the area in Januaryto discuss this site." That didn't happen and those who live right by it are angry at Adam for lying to them and quite frankly me too. So blame is Adams for not leveling with all of us.

We talk about community gardens and I am all for it. I was walking towards the bike path on Wallace when I saw the hudge land that was once Gliden Pant. Can you imagine the size of the community garden we could have over there? Not to mention a community centre. It blows my mind as to the possibilities.

And as for garbage. I am with you 100% we waste more then we reuse. As you know, it takes awhile to retrain and program individuals to think green. My son works with Al Gore and he is trying to change peoples minds one person at a time. It is slow but he is getting through to many. We all need to do the same.

Community gardens on the

Community gardens on the former Gliden plant ? Already on it . As I said community gardens are mainstream. everybody wants them everywhere.

Who now owns that land that

Who now owns that land that once was Gliden Pant? I agree with you on community gardens. In the early 90's I sat on the Food Policy Council. We were the ones that started the ball rolling. I am proud of our accomplishments in establishing community gardens. But we must also be mindful of other view points in this matter as well. I see both sides and try to stay nutural.

11 Division Contact Information

This is very distressing indeed!!

To makes things easier, here is the phone number to 11 Division Police Department:
General Line: 416-808-1100
Crime Prevention Officer: Constable Russ Golding, (416) 808-1108

Let's do our civic duty and keep our eyes open and ourselves alert to petty criminal behaviour.

Clues in Vandalism Case

Top Soil Sign 2Top Soil Sign 2It was brought to my attention that many of the signs seen at this summers dump protest appear to be very similar to the signs that were encouraging people to steal from the City. There are many similarities not only in writing but also in tone and in the paper used.

I was not involved or around for the protest so I have no idea who was making specific signs. Possibly nobody knows.

It seems to me though that somebody involved in the protest or who was there on a regular basis must have some idea who created these signs and I ask that people jog their memories or look at photos or video they may have taken at the time to see if they can come up with anything. I ask the organizers as they were the primary placers of signs if they recall who was doing which signs. There were a lot of photos and video of that location during the strike so something will turn up and be turned in to the Police.

Encouraging people to steal from all of us by fooling them is really a cruel and dishonest way to advance your message and makes a mockery of the centuries old tradition of posting bills of public importance. Even if people disagree with opinions there still needs to be some level of trust and responsibility that usually starts with putting your name on anything you post. Its obvious in this case why that wasn’t done; most people would be against stealing or vandalizing public property.

Maybe these topsoil signs were a dumb idea gone bad. An idea that was formed in the heat of the moment that in hindsight one wishes they could take back.

To whoever did this you have an opportunity to speak up to say sorry and take ownership of it. People will respect you for it. If you are caught out then you risk looking the respect of the community. Look at the pix and compare similar letters or words such as the double lower case "ee". There are more photos with similarities that I am not posting due to space.

Signs at Protest 1Signs at Protest 1
Signs at Protest 2Signs at Protest 2


"To whoever did this you have an opportunity to speak up to say sorry and take ownership of it."

Looks like they spoke up! Too bad they didn't have the guts to apologize.

If you look very closely at

If you look very closely at the posters that were written during the strike and the one the poster "free soil" Look at the "R" it is different. I can tell it is a totaly different person writing this. Oh by the way I did a overnight at my son's house in Ajax. My granddaughter was being Christened that Sunday.

Scott, you better be careful

Scott, you better be careful who you point a finger at regarding the "free soil sign". There are many on that street who are not happy with the out come of Adams games.

Tree Huggers & Vandalism

Scott, are you pointing the finger @ Virginia?
Has it been confirmed that this is her handwriting?
She is being defensive and offensive while threatening you but... redirecting blame to Adam so you see I'm a bit confused & wondering if Horatio (very cute Vic) combined handwriting analysis and concluded who it was?
THIS IS AN INQUIRY NOT AN ACCUSATION as I have no clue who it was.

Tried following the threads but they are just (yawn) another forum for slightly excitable people to call each other names.
While I sip my coffee I'm pondering if being all for Green space makes me a tree huger.


Carla, You need to learn to

Carla, You need to learn to read more clearly. Scott never pointed any fingers at me or Jack but asked if we remembered anyone who wrote down comments during the strike. As for threatening Scott......NO. I am mearly commenting in a positive way and Scott and I were having a good coversation.

Needing to learn

I don't have the time or desire to sit here and go through the endless amounts of inconsequential comments meant to belittle people who voice their opinions.
I believe that comment was directed @ Scott not you but thanks for the tutorial on "I need to learn" as your opinions or advise are of utter importance to me.
In case you "need to learn to read more clearly" I was merely indicating my shock & inquiring as to whether you were the person posting these signs as I would think that your energies would be more focused on something more positive such as "cleaning the air we breathe today.

Carla my dear, you need to

Carla my dear, you need to relax. When my name is mentioned I will protect and defend myself as you would if someone mentioned your name.

Everyone knows the two who

Everyone knows the two who were responsible. It's only a matter of time before the cops knock on their doors.

Ok anonymus, I know who you

Ok anonymus, I know who you are. Let me for warn you right now. Making false accusations will get you a law suite.

Did you check and ask your own inner circle before point fingers

Scott we have our own theory about this. I was with my son with we first seen the signs. I asked around myself who had done this, nobody knew. Maybe this was done deliberately to frame someone else. It's like the game as a kid, when someone passed gas, they would always blame someone else, saying you done this, but at the end it was the kid who pointed the finger to begin with.

Believe me I am not worried

Believe me I am not worried about it but those that have their fingerprints on this vandalism, literally, should. Do either of you recall who made the signs I have posted about at the protest? They are very similar to the vandal ones. Your help would be appreciated.

Scott in all honesty, we

Scott in all honesty, we would give anyone who came over to the park and if they wanted to write something one of us gave them a blank poster. I don't even remember all those that wrote anything down. Who has the sign now? Finger prints are a option.subway

Elementary My Dear Watson

No worries for people not involved -- even jr CSI watching viewers can say it's a matter of fingerprints and handwriting analysis for everyone who touched the signs and looking up those who were holding garbage protest signs and then matching the current topsoil for free writing with fingerprints. Yes, it could be anyone so everyone associated with all the signage is fair game.

Elementary my dear Watson. ;-)


...even the ones who found the top soil for free signs too and gave it to the police, as their fingerprints are on it too.

God, I must watch less t.v.! :-)

free top soil

dose that meen the people that took the top soil should put it back

Besides the point

Most people, realizing that they had been mislead would want to put the soil back rather than be innocent accomplices in a criminal scheme. That would be the honorable thing to do and some have. The issue though is who mislead them to take it in the first place. Could it be the people that printed signs on their computers that were made to look like printouts from the councilors office (yeah those were collected too) ie people that took the time to fabricate fake City documents? I don't feel that people should steal. Period.

Investigator on the scene

There was an investigator on the scene this morning.

(Sorry, just wanted to inject a bit of humour into this)

My defence would be

If I were ever charged for putting up these signs, I would tell the court the messages were political satire and that I'm sorry I didn't realize people were actually dumb enough to take them literally.

Investigator on the scene

That's hilarious Vic. Thanks for posting this.